£30 off a £60 spend using promo code @ Very

£30 off a £60 spend using promo code @ Very

Found 27th Nov 2012
I have received a letter in the post today from Very offering £30 off a £60 shop.

you still have the pay next year option and can collect free from a click collect store on alot of items too so no postage.

I thought it may be something that has to be on your account but my friend has also just used the code with no issue so hopefully everyone can.

Hope it works!!

The code to add at checkout is - 2DHMK

Orders must be placed by 14th decemeber 2012.
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Oh this is gonna get cold
half price and cold???

well it was hot for me, watch with £85 off then another £30 off with the code...if no one else likes it im still VERY happy x
Yeah it suits some people, but a lot of HUKD users got burnt by Very a year or so back.
yeah, if you have an account with them and use a code not allocated to your account they will back charge you or worse, some bods with credit on there account have had them closed requiring payment in full within 30 days or face legal action. really not worth the risk, but will keep an eye out for a letter through the post
Ive never had a problem with any of these codes, when ever its gone onto the account they`ve honoured it. If its that bad though i wont bother posting them again, how do i remove the post? x
very check every used code. normally a month after. so you cant return what you bought. they recharge the account and if you paid by card. if you check your account they charge the full price then refund the discount. hence if they decide to recover the money they only ask the card issuer to refund what they give you.

years ago these codes were good. and were hot on hukd but the updated security at shop direct is not worth using the codes
I am trying to use that code at checkout and it is saying invalid code? what now?
works for some and for some it dont
Used the code to buy a £70 pair of boots, they have used the £30 credit against another BNPL order, so I am stuck with a pair of £70 pair of boots that are just about worth the £40 I was expecting to pay, beware!! I would never have purchased if it had said the code would not be used against the order I was placing when I used the code. Not VERY just bad!
I got the same letter through the post a few days ago with the same code
I used a code like this a few days ago and it said that the £30 would be refunded back onto my card after my order had been processed, however the order came yesterday and they've taken the money out but not refunded the £30 yet... Anyone else done this and know how long it will take to be refunded?
i also got the same code via email today too x
@jemimamia...cant you return the boots?
@steedam I have had the boots for just over 2 weeks and worn them, I do still have all the packaging and am thinking of returning, but am worried about being £70 out of pocket and no boots. They are defo not worth £70 as they are artificial leather, I only bought because of the voucher,

@ Side_Partin,,,you may find as I did they just credit your account with £30 for them to use as they please, and you have to pay full price for the item you thought you were using the voucher for!
I did wonder that, but it definitely said it would be credited back to my debit card as I double checked, and on the invoice they sent me it had the £30 taken off the price of the item. So who knows! Have to wait and see.
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