30% off all HAMA Star series tripods/monopods with voucher at My Memory..... from £8.39 delivered ! ! ! !-£8.39

Get code & visit siteA30
Use the code "HAMA30" @ checkout........ These all seem to get fair - good reviews on Amazon, and accpeted they're not in the Manfrotto league but neither are their prices. These are ideal hobbyist camera tripods that will more than suffice for the everyday amateur photographer. The most expensive one is the Star 63 which works out at just £14.69 delivered..... Most even come with carry cases too...... so at these prices I think they're worthy of a post on HUKD......


Why is this being voted cold? Can you get better deals elsewhere? I'm after a couple for some camcorders.

As you say, they're not in the same league as Manfrotto, but wil do for many situations, and if you've got one of the digital cameras that will control several flashguns, they're excellent value for mounting the extra flash guns on. Thanks OP for posting this deal

Great price and 4% quidco as well. Many thanks OP

:thumbsup:Great find and post, i just managed to snap the head off my old tripod :whistling: so perfect timing. Thanks.

Them tripods are useless. The head falls off because of the weak glue and the legs get stuck. I would'nt bother even though its cheap...

Voted Hot!!!

I was going to buy a tripod last week, glad i didnt now


Voted cold. The Hama Star 78 is £20 delivered from these guys (£13.99 after discount) nut Amazon stock it for £10.54.

Other prices after discount seem comparable with Amazon too.

Actually, Amazon DO stock it and sell it directly but for £15.80 with free Super Saver delivery.

Whereupon, my view is that the extra £1.81 is worth the extra for Amazon's well renowned customer service.

Not voting hot or cold as I know squat about tripods & their build quality. If somebody is after dirt cheap tripods then visit 7dayshop. Lots of them less than £5

Thanks - ordered a monopod. I've been looking at getting a small an inexpensive one.

My local Tesco Extra is selling two tripods (the HAMA 42 and the HAMA 75, I think) for a tenner each.


if you don't want to wait for delivery. Mymemory can be a bit slow at getting things out.


Moved this to the voucher section as the code is needed to get the discount


Thanks - ordered a monopod. I've been looking at getting a small an … Thanks - ordered a monopod. I've been looking at getting a small an inexpensive one.

As long as it isn't that one that Paul McCartney had, it didn't really do a lot, cost a fortune and made him look an old fool.

They also sell the Hama Omega Premium I Tripod and Hama Omega Premium II Tripod for £49.99 and £69.99 respectively.


Anyone know the weight's these can take? I'm after one for my new Nikon D60 and can't quite afford the £125 I'd need for an average Manfrotto.

EDIT: Sorry, didn't see the voucher was for the Star range only.
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