30% off everything at Monsoon until 07th December

30% off everything at Monsoon until 07th December



[COLOR="Magenta"]Still losing money quicker than they can get these discounts out !

I worked there and would buy very few of there items although very pretty they cost a fortune and dont last .and for the price you expect better!!

the amount of returned clothes and money there loosing is amazing

The only thing that's good is there work ethics where they get there stuff made .but they have non for there staff !
You would need at least 50% off to even bring it down to similar priced stuff in other stores.:oops:
This for me is cold. I tried to use the voucher and failed. I rang customer services who said it was because I was ordering an Accessorize product from the Monsoon website. This is very confusing as the websites of both stores seem to be in the one online prescence. Cold, cold, cold.
And it's mean too.
Just noticed that there's only a seven day return policy for items bought in store (14 days for online orders).

Might be worth noting in case anyone is buying Christmas gifts!
code not working

code not working

Still working for me.
tried in store and was extremely p@ssed when told NOT for kids clothes... surely thats the group that need the most economic help this time of year...parents! EVIL! :P
They gave me 30% off kids clothes ! :whistling:
hard to believe...sure not a diff voucher that ran earlier?...
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