30% off everything @ Empire stores Today 13 Dec only (some exclusions)-30%

Get code & visit site817



As usual with Empire Stores they leave the high end electricals outside of the discount code, but i found a few things that you can use it on:

- ]Games for PS3, Xbox and Wii

- T]om Tom Sat navs


Sure there are loads of other items as well that you can use the discount on At least i got some of my xmas presents covered off slightly cheaper than expected

Im not keen on having to give them your credit card details before you can see if the discount code will work or not. Almost bought a samsung 37" lcd 1080p, but it says was 1199 now 999, so do u think the code will work if already discounted?
Its marked as a cloverleaf item so no discount

yeah.. how do these codes work with them?
Do they give discounts later?

Very true... I could like to see if there's any gadgets, new televisions I could lay my hands on, but the entire buying process is putting me off.

It would have been better if they offered a way to price-check before you take it through the checkout process.

All the TV's that I had my eye on are clover leaf products...

how do you tell if they are clover leaf items?

I'm on their website now. If you click on an item, it states if it is a clover leaf item, just under the heading. I've gone through Quidco, for an extra 7% off, and I'm browsing laptops and TV's. I have an account with them, and the discount usually shows up as soon as you enter the code.

I was only slightly interested in getting the cheap acer laptop from their front page at £379.99 and wondered if I could get the %30 off...also on the front page it says 52 weeks @ 7.31 but that option isnt available! lol

What use is 30% off when their prices are more than 30% greater than anywhere else? Nintendo DS for £160, 320GB External drive for £150. They are having a laugh.

I think you have to have an account with them to get the payments spread over 52 weeks. I just clicked on this laptop, and selected the option to pay using my personal account. It added it to my basket no problem, and at the bottom of that page it states that you get up to 52 weeks credit at 0% APR.

If it worked it would be about £236ish with quidco for the thing delivered...paid over a year would equal about £5.10 a week hhhmmmm

You think I would be better to open an account hen with a debit card and then click to pay via their credit option once Ive clicked on the laptop?

I've had my account for years, so I don't remember if I gave them credit card details or not to open my account. I get invoiced every month and pay online. If you open an account, just click to add the payment to your account, and it will automatically be 0% over 52 weeks.

I couldn't see any Dells on the site MikeT - most disapointed!! With the dreadful new website it says on the main site thread that this was posted "1 years ago", go into the comments and it says 4 hours ago - also I can hardly read my comments as I'm writing this ind therues pribably loards if spilling mistaks in thus - Goad deal though & vited hat!!!! :-D

You'll be lucky to find anything but clothes to use the 30% on anything worth getting 30% like electricals are all clover leaf item that the discount can't be used on :x



Like most of their items, the few DVD recorders that I'm interested in have way OTT prices so 30% discount isn't good enough as they can be purchased elsewhere at much lower prices.

The new ipod nanos are £20 more than other retailers but assuming the code works the 8GB nano works out about £104.30 so this is good. I'm not going to risk it though with Empire's appalling reputation.

For 8GB nanos, I think the John Lewis £20 of code is the safest way.

Useless! I've just noticed 8GB nanos are a cloverleaf product.

Empirestores are a joke!

Looked at 3 items - all of which were way more than 30% dearer than other stores. Useless voucher!


Good, but depending on what you're buying, it might be cheaper to use the £15 off £30 voucher.

Eg. Levi's 501 at £44.99 - £15 = £29.99
£44.99 - 30% = £31.49


I had my eye on the panasonic px70 plasma but it's in the sale? at £679.99 so i cant use code anyway
I'm a numpty i thought it was empiredirect doh

I have used these for rew years now getting an account is easy.......saves paying by cards.u dont have to give bank details to get accoun.some stuff is pricey,but with 30% off not bad i have been after guitar hero 2 for few weeks everywhere sold out,here it was 69.99 but with discount its the same as play.com


Exactly what I found - I fail to understand how people rate a deal this hot when it's a useless - all credit to the OP for posting one but who heats these deals up?

All those who have clicked hot on this deal - hands up and explain please!

Many thanks just bought a Silent night mattress for £76.99
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