£3.00 off when spending £25 or more on CD's DVD's etc at ASDA

Get code & visit sitey25


Thanks, just cancelled and reordered Metal Gear Solid 4.

£31.93 is a bargain.

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Glad its been of help Broadsword. My first post not to be bumped :-) but thought it would be a little hotter - oh well :-))))

just given rep and added to a couple of things i found on Asda, if you want it to go higher add a few good deals to that you can use the offer on.

Saved me £3 so I got Matrix Trilogy, 300 and Bladrunnder uncut on HD-DVD for under £25 Thanks

sympathies Brax - this post at the very least should be accreditted to you...


well spotted mate - I'm afraid heat doesn't always get to some worthy posts sometimes, but
keep up the good work; I know we're not in it for the glory, but it is nice to be appreciated

elsie x

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thanks elsie - helped make my day :-)

anytime mate! :friends:

I did try to get this bumped up and have not taken any credit and no one has Repped me anyway just got high on the heat which doe snot get you rep. Also at £26.93 it is still cheap also. SOrry you have not got more, but I only want people to get the cheapest deal dont care about the Rep much

MGS4 £31 Heat and Rep to you my friend

Does anyone know if one customer can use this code more than once? There are several Wii games I want, and If i order them separately I will get £3 off of each one. Can I do that? Thanks

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you can give it a try ;-) i certainly would

Just got 6 HD DVD's for £26.58 :-D

Heat and rep added.

brilliant got that dvd boxset i was really after.

ends today


ends today

Bought all the harry potter on hd and Charlie and the choclate factory £25!!! an absolute jem:roll:
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