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anybody know any good washing machine deals about with a few years warranty on it looking to spend about 150-250


Hi, Have a look at this:-
It's Comets clearance site. The items are ex-display or returns. You have to register to bid, but you can get some great deal. You may be able to go through Quidco but I'm not sure.

My only recommendation is to buy a Bosch....mine has been a dream and is now in semi retirement as I'm down to one child at home....but it has been fantastic and never let me down in 5 years.

do these comet clearence machines come with any warranty guarantee?

I second the Bosch recommendation, they're very reliable. Spend more now, save in the future. You also get an automatic 2 year guarantee for parts and labour...


do these comet clearence machines come with any warranty guarantee?

Soz, I should have said:-
All products purchased through Comet Clearance auction site come with a full 12 months warranty:-
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