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How long before someone says 'I thought it said Pints'

Money Spinning;5920091

How long before someone says 'I thought it said Pints'


great deal :thumbsup:

I put in 50 prints and it gave me £4.80 discount had to pay £1.20 towards them and p+p on top,

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Im really going to be slaughtered for this!

Misread! - its FORTY NOT FIFTY

Boo, price gone up from 12p to 19p!! the cheek!

thanks very much!


thanks very much!

totoro!!! :-D

i assume this is for 6 x 4 prints?


Im really going to be slaughtered for this!Misread! - its FORTY NOT FIFTY


Only joking, great deal thanks for posting.

EDIT: Just got £7.60 worth of 6x4 prints for free!! (40) Awesome! Rep for you my friend.

I recommend downloading the software it's easier to use than the website. I selected delivery to store so no p&p. I didn't even have to put in my card details..... wonder how many times I could use this code by just changing my details....

heat up. Only just saw this in a Stuff magazine - and its been posted already.

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Yeh, I'm subscribed to them
Just to confirm, I have used this and collected photos from Store

I have 6 final photos for my photography course that I want printed now, however for my course I need to submit 40 prints, thus this is perfect, however I'm wondering; what will happen if I order my 6 photos now? Will my account say that I have 34 free prints left, and if so is there a period that this offer will stay open to me or do I need to order all 40 prints at once? Thanks
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