40% off a £35 Spend using voucher code @ Dominos Pizza

40% off a £35 Spend using voucher code @ Dominos Pizza



Just tried it out- "sorry - this voucher is invalid"
I got the same message. I know it's a genuine code though - I got the email from PayPal. It doesn't work on the dominos basket or when you go to the PayPal page.

PayPal hardly ever works with Dominos :-(
It doesn't work on deals. It only works on individual pizzas.
just tried it does work, will be getting pizza later thanks lol
Works here, thanks !
I just tried it and got a nice big discount.

Cheers JKF50

1 x Large (13.5") Original Cheese & Tomato £14.19 (with extra toppings)
1 x Large (13.5") Quattro Formaggio £16.99
1 x Mozzarella Sticks £4.99
1 x 40% OFF £35 - EX Drinks & Ice Cream - £14.47
30 x Charity Donation, Thank You. £0.30

TOTAL £22.00
Works fine thanx
Just worked for me, thank you.

You get a pop-up checking your address though, so I think it *may* be limited to one per household...
Stuffed. Had to get a few extras to hit the £35.. mini garlic pizza, chicken dippers.. mmmm i feel like homer now.
Worked Fine for me,

thanks a lot.
Thank you, thats sunday lunch sorted!!
Voucher worked online from Leyland branch. Nice saving of £14.97. Note: Amount must be over £35 excluding drinks and ice cream.

Just ordered in Basildon via the Wickford store, worked fine and dandy. Also note - you can't count drinks or ice cream in the discount.

Large (13.5") Hot & SpicyLarge (13.5") Hot & Spicy£21.59
Item price: £21.59
Quantity: 1

Stripper ComboStripper Combo£5.99
Item price: £5.99
Quantity: 1

Sweet ChilliSweet Chilli£0.35
Item price: £0.35
Quantity: 1

Domino’s CookiesDomino’s Cookies£6.58
Item price: £3.29
Quantity: 2

Item price: £0.35
Quantity: 1

Item price: £0.35
Quantity: 1

40% OFF £35 - EX Drinks & Ice Cream40% OFF £35 - EX Drinks & Ice Cream£-14.08
Item price: £-14.08
Worked for me just now
Haha this still works.
Used this tonight while ordering from the Epsom branch. Worked fine.
Great, used this evening, thank you.
Works for me.
Worked tonight £38 order down to £23
Doesn't work anymore
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