40 % off any full price books!!!!! at borders

Get code & visit siteTWR


good code
it's posted here hotukdeals.com/ite…ok/
but i think it deserves it's own mention

Plus 9% cashback through topcashback

Cheers, just used.

This can be applied to the magazine subscriptions. Seems like a very good deal for them.

excellent, thanks!

Makes the 26-issue Radio Times subscription...£12 (about £11 after cashback)...less than 50p per issue delivered - bargain!

Cheers fella. Saved me £20ish.

Thanks for your post.! Saved a few quid

Thank you, just saved me money and enabled me to get a present I wouldnt have been able to get otherwise.

This is a hot deal... preodered a time out guide coming out in a couple of months for 7 squid! Great for students aswell as a lot of educational books are sold at rrp,

Not working for me.

I can see it won't work on already discouted books 9shame), but the full price books and mag subscriptions don't get reduced.

Suspecting it might apply later, I have gone as far as creating an account, but balk at the credit card entering stage.

Anyone else having problems?

Great deal! Thanks! Saved me £20 on a book I desperately needed!

Just used it online on a massive order and it took money off more than one book at once! Is this right or is the order likely to get cancelled?

Your still better off buying from Asda or Tesco than using this code

Well, I think you are pretty wrong. Maybe if you are buying novels etc this is true. If you are buying text books or full price niche books this is an amazing deal, and with free delivery too (plus 9% top cash). The most you will get off texts at Tesco or ASDA is a couple of quid per book . I have saved nearly £35 off books i needed (providing they arrive!!) This is a mega deal, if they actually come


Your still better off buying from Asda or Tesco than using this code

no you're not
i ordered 6 books from borders costing £21 in total and i compared it to the next nearest price and i calculated that all of them would've cost me £30, or £36 or so from borders without using the code

Fair Enough

I,ve just bought the book by Paul O'Grady in Asda for £9, and checked out the price of other popular books, (if popular is the right word) which work out cheaper than using the discount code. I,m obviously not looking at the bigger picture, so apologies for the earlier comment.

Thanks OP, you've just saved me £18 :thumbsup:

Original Poster


Thanks OP, you've just saved me £18 :thumbsup:

bumping up ends tonight i saved £70!



This was due to expire yesturday but is still working - dont know for how … This was due to expire yesturday but is still working - dont know for how long though!! Great code for college texts or other full price books. Cant use voucher on any reduced books.

Unexpired as it still appears to be working at present, thanks :thumbsup:
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