£40 off case of 12 wines give you 12 wines for £29.99-£40

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You sure there is not £5 for delivery on top?

It automatically makes you sign up to the Naked CashBack Account which debts your account £20 monthly, although I think this can be cancelled.

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Yes it will be plus postage, and yes you can cancel pre pay account straight after 1st order.

Where can you get 12 decent wines for c£35 delivered.....

Same deal thru Waterstones; [url]www.nakedwines.com/waterstones[/url] Enter code Waterstones and password Nakedcash. Expiry date is 31 Jan 2009.

The mechanism appears to be that one pays £20 per month into a trust account and uses it to buy wines, getting a 33% cashback on each purchase. Any unused cash can be refunded at any time. Various guarantees of satisfaction etc are offered. If a regular wine drinker, it is probably a good deal. But a bottle of dodgy supermarket hock flavoured with antifreeze at £1.99 will usually do me!

Great deal, you can use both vouchers !
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