40% off using printable voucher @ Pizza Express-40%

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40% off food at Pizza Express. I always use offers like this but most people don't even seem to know they're out there! Great savings.


Good offer if you are going but might be worth mentioning there are quite a few exclusions. Can't use it Friday or Saturday or Sunday before 5pm and expires this sunday. Also a list of restaurants not included and some menu items not included.
Edited by: "dona3853" 13th Jan 2015

Can't use this at any of the ones near me.


many thanks

Does anyone know if a kids menu counts as a "set meal", or will the discount apply? Cheers
Edited by: "jcodonne" 15th Jan 2015

kids meal is included. think it was the calazone that wasn't included. we used this deal in conjunction with 15% cashback on our debit card last sunday.

not available in some restaurants e.g. Wembley
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