£40 off your first order at HP.com (£235+)

£40 off your first order at HP.com (£235+)



If ordering over £400 use HPSPLDIS for 10% off and free delivery
I placed an order through HP for delivery b4 christmas, I had a £40 voucher and the order all went through - it stated in stock and ready for immediate delivery.

After 3 days I had heard nothing from Hp so I emailed them, 2 days later I still had heard nothing. One week after placing the order I received an email from Hp stating my order had been processed successfully and delivery would take place sometime on ""17th JANUARY"".
This was of absolutely no use to me and absolutely disgusting. So I tried cancelling, I emailed and yet again heard nothing. I looked for a number to call and there were no numbers for cancelling orders. I came across an 0800 NUMBER, which was a con as all it did was tell you to call an 0870 NUMBER,

I spent nearly 2 hours and almost £ 10 being passed around and around with no one knowing which department to pass me too, I was absolutely fuming, and in the end some secretary told me she would take the details and pass them on.

She then asked me why I was CANCELLING!!. When i told her of the s**t I had been through, I was told that it wasnt a valid REASON, and could i give her another reason.

Finally I was told I should receive an email within 3-5 working days, if not I should call back !.

Eventually it was cancelled, but it was the dearest £ 40 I never saved. Bought through ebay in the end, had to pay for express shipping to beat the christmas rush.

Before buying through Hp check the user forums and see how many problems they have, and bare in mind these forums are monitored and any really bad ones get deleted or doctored.

Save £ 40 I ended up spending over £ 60 more than budgeted
I've not checked out the current prices, etc. but [url]www.dabs.com[/url] are pretty good. I've ordered loads of stuff from them and they are pretty reliable. And last time I got a load of cashback on HP stuff too. Worth a look.
If you are shipping abroad will you still be able to take advantage of this deal
Tis a shame you can't combine vouchers.
Still working
I have never had any problems with HP - and I have purchases over 100 items direct from their online store.

Just tried this code and got this message (which I'm not surprised about as the original post was over a year ago):

The campaign associated with your e-voucher is no longer active.

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