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Samsung Galaxy Z Fold2 256GB 5G Snapdragon 865+ Foldable Smartphone - From £529.99 Good Refurbished With Code @ 4gadgets
Posted 17th MayPosted 17th May
Fold2 from £529.99 with code, choose very good for peace of mind, We worked with 4gadgets to get this code and this lower price, grades guide is below, but they are super easy and free retur…

Sorry to hear that mate, what a bummer. If it hasn't put you off them, keep checking the site daily and you can still hopefully bag a 256GB for under £600, definitely worth it.


Sorry to hear they didn’t honour it. :(


Extremely disappointed (fierce)


Yeah, the price does tend to move around a bit, just keep checking daily. @bilalbilal There's a few helpful hints in post where I discovered Clove, check it out at https://www.hotukdeals.com/share-deal/3920600, it's the last few comments at the end and enjoy it when it turns up (I ordered on a Friday morning expecting it on Monday, even getting a email to that effect, but DPD delivered on the Saturday.


Looks like they've put the price up now to £719.99 for the 512GB, good, black.

Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra 5G 128GB Refurbished Smartphone From Good £489.99 With Code Delivered @ 4gadgets
30/05/2022Expires on 30/05/2022Posted 13th MayPosted 13th May
Price seemingly dropped on the S21 ultra, we worked to get this code a little while back, so am applying it to this deal :D Choose very good or excellent for a bit more peace of mind, bu…

Be careful. I ordered a dodgy S21 Ultra from Back Market a week ago: https://forums.androidcentral.com/samsung-galaxy-s21-s21-plus-s21-ultra/1044222-should-i-getting-android-12-now.html


Not sure if anyone's heard of it, as i haven't, but their is a site Called baxk Market, selling the 256gb in excellent condition for £530


Anyone got there's and possibly give an opinion on what the phone is like pls. Battery and camera performance. Thanks all.


Honor magic 4 Pro is excellent but £950 (on a deal!)..... S21U refurb (or new) seems much more reasonably priced now s22 has made an outing. None of them scream value for their feature set over mate 20p. Maybe we were lucky getting the mate for the price we did back then (and I bought mine before huawei got f'*ked by trump)


Honor magic 4 pro, this looks like the closest and best upgrade for us mate 20 users mate. Honor magic 4 pro, mate this i think is the best phone for us mate 20 pro users

Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra Refurbished Good Smartphone - £299.99 | S21 Plus - £384.99 | S21 128GB - £334.99 Delivered With Code @ 4gadgets
Posted 9th MayPosted 9th May
Update 1
Samsung Galaxy S21 now reduced by a further £40 to £334.99 after using code
4gadgets have reduced some more of their handsets by the looks of it, that s20 ultra the lowest I have seen it in good condition, take £15 off with the code we worked to get for you guys. Th…

(lol) I bought it to use, but the display had an imperfection on it, so ended up returning and not buying another


Wowza.... Switchy phone xchange (lol)


(lol) I owned it for about an hour. So had no time with it of note.


I thought this also. Thank you wise owl (lol) Did you use the Mi 10 ultra


S21 ultra slightly better, and will come global Version, and cheaper in a refurb.

Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Plus £214 Good | Note 10 Plus 5G £224 / £234 Very Good | S20 Plus 5G £264 + £30 Off Smartphones Over £200 @ 4Gadgets
31/05/2022Expires on 31/05/2022Posted 5th MayPosted 5th May
More reductions from 4gadgets, including the 3 in the title cheaper than before, using the code we worked to get for £15 off the total cost, note: choosing very good condition may guarantee …

Sent the S10 back. Was overheating and accubattery had the battery at 75%. Refund came quickly


Bought 2 S20+ 5G in "Good" condition on 8th May (to replace our S9+). Delivered as promised. Yes, the phones had a few lights scratches on the back, but overall we are very happy. The batteries are showing as 92%+ on AccuBattery, so happy with that. Thank you MrSwitch!


I upgraded my 3-4 year old P20 Pro for a S20+ 5G Very good condition. Phone arrived in near pristine condition, no marks on screen or cameras. A couple on the rear of the phone, but it's now in a case anyways. Battery seems to be holding up (94% health on AccuBattery, but only had 1-2 charges). Always takes me a few weeks to get used to the new features and layouts, but otherwise very happy. Cheers MrSwitch.


Very good. I probably got luck on the note 10plus I had before. It was immaculate but battery was not good even at 86%. I have ordered another to see.


Was this a 'Very Good' or "Excellent' condition one?

Sony Xperia XZ2 Black pristine unlocked £369.99 @ 4gadgets
Posted 26th Aug 2018Posted 26th Aug 2018
Sony Xperia XZ2 Black pristine unlocked £369.99 @ 4gadgets£369.99
Sony Xperia XZ2 Black pristine unlocked. Grab yourself a bargain!
Get deal*Get deal*
Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 Plus Mystic Black/Bronze/Silver, £344.99 Good Condition, £384 excellent condition with code @ 4gadets.co.uk
407° Expired
Posted 28th AprPosted 28th Apr
Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 Plus Mystic Black/Bronze/Silver, £344.99 Good Condition, £384 excellent condition with code @ 4gadets.co.uk Update - Use HUKD154G422 to get £15 off price Operating …

Fully agree. I recently picked up the Tab S7 plus for £344 in 'good' condition from 4gadgets, it arrived essentially pristine. I now prefer it to my M1 IPad Pro- the AMOLED 120Hz screen clearly looks better than the iPad LCD TruMotion screen in terms of colour saturation, black levels and vibrancy; speed-wise for general everyday tasks I can't tell the difference, and the 16*10 aspect ratio makes videos look so much better without the obligatory letterboxing of the iPad screen.


It's what I was trying to say. For majority of users it's better than the ipad. Nobody really cares about benchmarks unless they're doing some extreme video rendering. They mostly use it to browse or watch videos in which this does it a lot better plus other benefits of it being open and having a real file manager etc


The lower wattage one, which generates less heat. Heat is the no. 1 killer of Lithium Ion batteries. Sure, manufacturers are now pushing 100 watt/ 30 min charging as the new USP, but no matter what thermal management mechanisms they may have employed (eg. split batteries, heat pipes, even fans in a few phones), a cursory glance at the literature reiterates these principles of basic Li-ion chemistry.


I got mine today too, a 'good'. It was pristine apart from a small superficial scrape at the back, about 4 cm long and a few mm wide. Otherwise looks like new, no dings, screen is pristine too. Got the pen as well. I have an iPad Pro M1 to compare to, and the finish, build quality etc. are easily comparable. It's blazing fast, easily comparable to the iPad Pro in general use. And my, that 16 X 10 screen..let's just say I'm no longer watching Netflix or YouTube on the iPad Pro. Thanks OP. This was a stellar deal.


I received this yesterday. I ordered good as thats all was left and its like brand new not a mark on it. I'm made up thanks :)

Apple iPhone 12 64GB Refurbished Smartphone £329 Good | 12 Mini Red 64GB - £254 | iPhone XR 64GB £129 | iPhone X £129 With Code @ 4gadgets
902° Expired
Posted 20th AprPosted 20th Apr
Use code HUKD154G422 for all phones bar the iPhone X & XR, you will need to use the code 4GEMAIL10 to get those respective prices, we worked with 4gadgets to get this code, and some iPho…

Weeks late missed it again :D ;(


I received my iPhone XR, white, 64GB this morning. It was described as good, but is in great condition, just a very small scratch on the screen, which is hard to see when the phone is on. The battery health is: 94%. Thanks for the ‘heads up’MrSwitch


Got mine today good condition But to be honest no scratches on screen just slight one on the case Battery 85% which is ok Especially for how much I paid for 64 gb black Other is white 128gb again looks like excellent condition 87% battery How long do you reckon it will be before I need to change battery anyone please ?


Got mine today for spare got a good condition 64GB white XR for £129.99 , really good condition and 91% battery health too , thanks very much


Got an XR today as ‘Good’. Actual phone and screen almost perfect. Tiny minor scratch on screen can’t even see unless shone a torch on it. However battery is down to 80% though. I don’t think I can grumble for £130. Might try and change it myself at some point.

Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Plus £229.99 | Note 10 Plus 5G £234.99 | Z Fold2 £564.99 | Tab S7 £264.99 Refurb Good Delivered + More @ 4gadgets
1140° Expired
Posted 14th AprPosted 14th Apr
Some more reductions on site, using the code we worked to get for the community, few stands outs in the title there, but a bigger list below. Hopefully this helps Note the grades range from…

Yeah, Clove seem to have lost the plot a bit. They've changed the price to £699 (£719 for the 512), so I posted it up as a deal since that seemed like less of a misprice and they had stock, but then they've been cancelling orders and randomly adding £25 shipping + tax. All a bit odd really... I think we were definitely the lucky few! One last little tip I've found handy & didn't get from any of the many tip vids..... it's worth getting an app called Sound Assistant from Goodlock Labs in the Galaxy Store (not Play store), as it lets you control app volume individually. That's critical if you want to listen to music or podcasts while gaming, since otherwise you're stuck with either having to kill the game audio entirely, or having it overshadow your background listening. Other than that enjoy your crazy phone! I love it more each day... the only thing I really miss from my Note 9 (truly a legend of a phone) is Nova Launcher... I hope they decide to support dual homescreen setups sometime soon as the naive launcher is fine, but nothing on Nova. Lots of folk in the Fold groups seem to use Niagra but I tried it for a couple of days and hated it with a passion. Oh and turn on double-tap to wake... one of my favourite features on my old Nexus 9 tablet - I was overjoyed to find that the Fold had it!


Sadly the club is back down to 3, Clove cancelled their order, pricing error. Thanks for the background on the emulator, I'll keep an eye on Skyline. Cheapo case finally coming today so hopefully I'll be able to try the phone in the real world this weekend but did fire up Retroarch and DraStic last night, need to see if I can share my savestates somewhere so I can use them when I'm on RA on my Series X and vice versa.


Oh nice! Another one DM'd me too so that's four of us in the Clove Fold Club now 😁.... £599 for the 512Gb version is even more of a result! Good for them. I'm not completely read-up on the the Switch emulator situation but basically the tldr of it is that the company that makes the Gamesir controllers stole some code from some other independent devs and used it (uncredited) to make EggNS, which they then tied to their own product (EggNS only works with the USBC Gamesir X2). EggNS is basically a pariah in the Android emulation scene because of it. The good news is that there's a new Switch emulator called Skyline which is has the whole scene supporting it... currently it's way behind EggNS's compatibility/functionality, but it's improving at a massive rate (like, every day a post about some new compatibility success). I think there's a good chance there will be some big games playable on it by the end of the year, if not sooner. Though having said all that I'm much less bothered about Switch emulation now than I was in my initial excitement... It's a fun novelty to show off to friends, but the couple of games I've tried weren't perfectly smooth, and I do have a Switch so it's a bit silly. At this point I'm much more excited about playing through the back catalogues of some of the classic consoles with perfect smoothness and increased resolutions than I am about Switch stuff.


Just passed on the Clove info to someone else and they managed to get a 512GB version from them for £599 so you've helped two people join the "Fold" now :D . Didn't realise that about the X3 but did see another Switch emulator that required the x2, why do they all require that particular controller? It would be nice to have a switch compatibility though. I'll think on it, using my 8Bit SN30 Pro for now.


That Nacon looks nice.... probably more comfy than the Gamesir (not that the Gamesir is very uncomfy... it could be a little better though). I went with the Gamesir because of the compatibility with EggNS (Switch emulator, ethically dubious, I'll leave you to do your own reading about that if you're interested).... but also I like the USB-C connection for simplicity rather than bluetooth. Unfortunately the Gamesir X3 is no good for us as they've moved the USB from the left to the right which just wouldn't work with the fold.

Samsung Galaxy tab 6 wi-fi only 128gb from £179.99 with code, 256gb good condition £209.99 @ 4gadgets
185° Expired
Posted 13th AprPosted 13th Apr
This is an absolute steal but only 1 available. 128gb available from £179.99. Use code HUKD154G422 for these prices

Mine did a few weeks ago.


Do you happen to know if this would come packaged with the s-pen? Thanks.


5 variants still available.




I'd do so

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