5% Discount On a Spend of £400 Desktops for 2 Days Only Online at Dell.Co.UK-5%

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Rayman, Just tried this with a system that is £458 and in the basket it reckons there is a problem applying the coupon. Does it get taken off after the order is submitted. Any help greatly appreciated.

Hi mac,
On the discount coupon it says order value of over £400 (incl. VAT). excluding Shipping ( £60 ).
So the total price paid must be atleast £460

Instructions: For 2 days only get an additional 5% off! This offer is … Instructions: For 2 days only get an additional 5% off! This offer is valid on All Desktops of an order value of over £400 (incl. VAT & Shipping). Enter the coupon code at checkout to claim the discount. The offer is cumulative with any other offer available on Dell.Co.UK only.

Thanks Stormbringer but i cant see anywhere even in the shopping basket where it states shipping is not included. Whatsmore even adding a system that is £700 into the basket the coupon still does not get applied.

Thanks for this Ray Very handy !!

I just tried this on a Dimension 9200 and it worked for me, so the code is live, take a look at the dell deals for this and last week as they are about the same and see if there's anything you fancy now it has the extra 5% off.
Dont forget Quidco too at 5.5%

Original Poster

Sorry and Thanks, I only just got to this :roll: Thanks for the help and verification it works guys :santa:

That's good of Dell..probably sharing allthe extra business they've had from posts on HUKD.|

Original Poster

Yeah :santa: They do get plugged on here and Mike usually comes up with some great offers in his weekly updates too :santa:

I think they ought to send me review samples so I can check the goods out properly:whistling:

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Well, all of us just for double checking lol

Yes I think Dell should show some gratitude to both MikeT and Rayman ...you certainly do a lot of work promoting their sales ..the least they could do is send a free sample...albeit a modest one!

I dont mind giving them back after testing either, as long as they send another before I return the first ;-)

Tried to apply this to the £399 offer, added printer to make system £408, but would not accept code. Was I being too optimistic?

Must be £400+ without delivery to comply

I could get the discount to work without Quidco but it stopped once I used the Quidco link. Did anyone manage to get both confirmed?

Prob too late for you now but once you set the cookie by going direct to dell with the code, quidco wont work as well. Clear them and go again to quidco afreash, thenn to dell and apply the code.

Thanks Mike, went without the extra discount in the end but will know for next time
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