5% discount on winter car tyres and complete wheels

5% discount on winter car tyres and complete wheels

Found 6th Sep 2017
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Winter tyres here in the UK are the biggest waste of money going for how often they’re required (if at all
Winter tyres are not JUST about snow and ice, as I AM someone who has a winter wheel and tyre set, I would hand on heart say, the extra confidence in horrendous WET weather, that winter tyres give is more than worth the pounds they cost...
-winter tyres have extra wide water removing channels, reducing potential aquaplaning... best things I EVER bought for my car, this will soon be my 5th winter season of using..
As with anything, do your own research, check out different brands and products, see how users rate them...
(Other half has them too for on her car, and she whole heartedly agrees...)
Totally agree, IF you understand what they do and have a few bob to your name then it's a must. I have a high powered rear wheel drive BMW and it eats tyres and also awful in wet/sleet/snow/ice.
a set of SottoZerros saw me glide by other similar cars in recent years of snow. Considering it rains in the uk 80% time the tread has a real difference... if you buy them at the start of summer then you can actually get them cheaper than standard road tyres ;-)
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