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Even with this paltry 5% discount many of their prices are still dearer that Toolstation, who also have free delivery on orders over £10!! Thin about it, have we seen any discounts from Toolstation? No, because their prices are not as inflated as Screwfix's.

Dont get me wrong, I have long been a user of Screwfix, but over the past 12 - 18 months their prices have been put up by more than their competitors, which is why they are now having to discount. Still have excellent customer service though

I've ordered one as my old Bosch is dying but I don't like the fact that the 5% doesn't show on any part of the order.
Still, head added.


Gotta agree toolstation are good value still 5% off is better then nothing http://is.gd/n35a

Got to agree with the guys above, checked out the price on some gear and the prices on toolstation are approximately 15% cheaper that Screwfix

Yes, I agree with all the above. I've used Screwfix regularly for at least 10 years with very few problems. Likewise Toolstation for the last five. Toolstation is almost always cheaper for equivalent items and its free delivery over £10 is useful for urgent but small orders. Both have just issued new catalogues; SF in partic has increased quite a lot of prices - but I suspect that many are the direct result of the falling pound.

What irks me with Screwfix is that special deals are often 'web only' - a nuisance when I might not have a £50 order in all and especially as I have a trade counter within 2 miles.

If you need plumbing stuff, BES in Birmingham has a huge range and also sells some electrical items and useful tools: [url]www.bes.co.uk[/url] Prices are mostly favourable and often lower than SF or TS, esp for commonplace items. Free next-day delivery above £40 (ex VAT).

any one got 10% discount code please?

many thanks

any one got 10% discount code please?

many thanks
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