£5 off £25 spend at eBay voucher!-£5

Get code & visit siteDV2


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How did someone vote cold for this?


user specific...sorry cold

well, I have the same code... sent through to me by email...

nae cold at all.....

but, should say, only worth the risk if you were going to buy the item off ebay anyway!

I have a different code that is £5 off £10. They are all user specific so if you recieve a code via email then you can use it, if not, then you cant.....sorry cold deal!

I got the code CDV1 in an email from goofbay but mine says that it is £5 off a £10 purchase. There is another code as well CHV2 which is the same discount. I'm not sure that it is user specific actually.

I got exact same code for £5 off when £25 spent!

Why is this showing as expired? AND WHO VOTED COLD???
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