£5 off £30 spend using coupon code @ Toys R Us

£5 off £30 spend using coupon code @ Toys R Us



Before someone asks - applies to web orders only
Doesn't work for me
just tested again and works fine
I have just tried and when I press apply it just takes me back to the home page, strange
Its still working, I just used it. Thanks
Thanks OP.

Just used this code without any problem.
So chuffed, I tried this on the Disney infinity preorder and it worked!
thanks worked for me
Thanks, worked for me 25/08/14
Thank you this worked for me
BIRTHDAY6 didn't work for me, so i tried BIRTHDAY7 and it worked a treat. Thanks
Code has to be entered all in capitals to work. Birthday6 didn't work so I tried birthday7 (before reading the last comment!) and it worked fine! Thanks a lot
Thanks all now updated
Still working. Thanks.
worked for me 4 sept 2014
Its still working! thanks very much :oD
didnt work so I tried the next number BIRTHDAY8.....checked out fine. usually the case with Toys r us...if one has expired just go one number up...ive been doing it since BIRTHDAY1 came out !!!!
Birthday7 still working!
BIRTHDAY7 worked for me 19/09/14 - Thank you
Thanks for that! BIRTHDAY7 perfect!
It's just worked for me you have to write BIRTHDAY7 all in capitals thank u x
Worked for me BIRTHDAY7 letters in capitals otherwise it doesn't work
BIRTHDAY8 still works. Many thanks!
BIRTHDAY8 still working!
used the BIRTHDAY9 today !!! works £5 off and free delivery over £30 !
BIRTHDAY7 just worked for me
Still works. Birthday 8. Thanks
Thanks! Birthday 8 worked for me today!
BIRTHDAY8 just worked for me.
BIRTHDAY8 worked for me
Thanks OP
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BIRTHDAY8 worked for me thanks
Not working today for me tried BIRTHDAY7 BIRTHDAY8 BIRTHDAY9 UP TILL 12 NONE WORKING BIRTHDAY9 SAYS NOT ENOUGH SPENT £100 spend needed for 10.00 off
Just tried again its let me do it now but had to spend over 35.00 instead of 30.00 used BIRTHDAY8 THANK YOU
BIRTHDAY8 working 15/10
I also used BIRTHDAY8 today and got 5 off my 30 spend. sorry I can't add heat but thanks for the code op
BIRTHDAY8 just worked fine for me.
BIRTHDAY8 still works thank you
BIRTHDAY8 working today 20/10
Just tried BIRTHDAY8 and worked fine.
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