Found 23rd Mar 2011Made hot 23rd Mar 2011
Enter [email protected] at checkout on ANY item £35 or above to get £5 off, PLUS FREE postage

Works on kinect, new releases, preorders, consoles and the new 3DS


Doesn't work on hardware or pre-orders.

keeps coming up redemption rules not satisfied..

Worked fine for me on Guitar Hero Warriors of Rock guitar bundle. £32.99 after code.
Cheers OP

Thanks have ordered

Doesn't work for my pre-order of Gears of War 3... Same as others 'Redemption Rules Not Satisfied'

Just read their Voucher T&Cs which states:

"Vouchers cannot be redeemed against gift vouchers, gift cards, preorder products, hardware, hardware and software bundles, GAME Rental, GAMEcare, GAME on Demand Download Service, GAME Mobank store or mobile games."

So OP needs amending to remove references to it being accepted for hardware and pre orders.
Edited by: "hukd10" 23rd Mar 2011

can't get it to work

shame it doesn't work towards preorders otherwise this would be very hot!

Nice, Bring's Crysis 2 down to £32.99.

Can be used on multiple items too, as long as your basket total is over £35 you get £5 off, and it lets you do it multiple times

Worked for me on 2x Motorstorm Apocalypse's. Thanks.
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