£5 off £50 on your next on-line grocery shop

    Get code & visit sitePMK


    These Tesco codes are customer specific, so they'll probably be rejected

    Unless these are for a first time shop

    [COLOR=red]Sorry, the code 'XXNPMK' could not be accepted. The code may be invalid, could have been mistyped or might be only for use in another store (e.g. you cannot use grocery eCoupons on books orders). Ref: EC01[/COLOR]

    received message As above

    I was emailed the same code as golfturbo. I suppose that Tesco is now linking codes to clubcard numbers. It was nice while it lasted. :wink:

    It would be a shame if Tesco now restrict use of their promotional discount codes. Still, I cannot complain when Tesco sent me this same [COLOR=black]XXNPMK code by e-mail directly, meaning that I am at least one person who can use it. Maybe that has something to do with my clubcard and my approval of them sending me details of their offers. Looks like my preferred discount of save £15 when you spend £75+ has gone as well, or at least I can not currently see such an offer available. Oh well time to spend £50 and save another £5. I hope tesco are nice to me in the future.[/COLOR]

    [SIZE=2]Just a quick addition. This code I was already aware of before I checked here did work for me with Tesco's check-out. I have looked a bit more into this £5 off offer and it *is* for Tesco clubcard owners, no doubt with this card linked to their on-line account. So I am thinking that it is possible that it *may* work for everyone with a Tesco clubcard linked to their account. It would be a lot of data to go through to check everyone otherwise. So if you have not got a clubcard yet then it may be an idea to get one, when this is unlikely to be Tesco's last offer for clubcard members. Keeping it at home it seems. Well I got my £5 discount so... Na Na I got it and you have not! :-P[/SIZE]
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