£5 Off a £30 spend at Game

£5 Off a £30 spend at Game



Thanks for the link throttle. I'll bet that will be useful to some!
I've signed up and i havent got a voucher yet - has anyone got theirs yet? How lond did it take?
No ive not recieved my voucher yet i bet it appears after there delivery free weekend is over
Me either, throttle's guess could be right !
Do they offer free shipping over a certian spend?

Cant find the info on their site :-s
Orders over £100 are free. For the nature of the items they sell, that's very high. They would sell an awful lot more if they had free delivery on games...
This finally came through today, as you suspected throttle, after the free delivery weekend has finished... (!)
got my coucher about 11 this morning no more free delivery :roll:

got my coucher about 11 this morning no more free delivery :roll:

I didn't get a coucher - i did get a voucher tho :grin:

And also i think you will find that the free delivery has been extended today untill 17:00.


BTW - Already spent my voucher and got free delivery. Am impressed that game did this and no doubt it was due to them reading our comments!!
LOL @ coucher

Good spot on the free shipping Gary!!!
Thanks to OP, have used mine for Zelda Twilight Princess for GC, £27.99+free postage which comes to £26.59 when go through quidco - have a rating, cheers!
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What are they like for early deliveries? I am going to order Saints Row for 360 and am hoping to get it before Friday - Gameplay are excellent for this.
Well i had a game delivered in 2 days previously i think - havent ordered from them recently tho.
Their delivery states 2 business days. If you order it now, it won't be shipped until tomorrow, as you didn't get the order in before 2pm. If all goes well, I would expect it to arrive Friday, but with Royal Mail, you never can tell...
I'll stick to Gameplay and order it when I get home today - game sites are blocked at work
lol well it's not my fault. someone put the C next to the V

what you get with the voucher gary? i can't find anything to spend it on
Well there is a 2 for £15 section on PC games at the moment so i picked out 4 games from there for £25 delivered. Few good ones in there like Quake and The Movies.
Oh im on fire today... I can feel it

The 1p item you have all been dreaming of...


EDIT: 1p item now all gone! However there are still £1 items...



Oh im on fire today... I can feel it :DThe 1p item you have all been … Oh im on fire today... I can feel it :DThe 1p item you have all been dreaming of...]http://www.game.co.uk/ViewProduct.aspx?cat=1&mid=328128

Perfect Gary - for anyone interested in a £29.99 game, they can use the £5 off voucher with this item in their basket as well!

(Sorry for pointing out the obvious, it's just in case anyone didn't know)
Haha, thanks... to point out the even more obvious... This would then save you £4.99 on a £29.99 game. :-P
this voucher has expired! can people please click "expired" please

sorry for bringing this back to the top, but was looking through vouchers and noticed this was dead
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