5% off all Paris Pass options; free travel card included in your pass with Code @ Paris Pass

5% off all Paris Pass options; free travel card included in your pass with Code @ Paris Pass

Found 3rd May 2018
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Expires – 31-05-2018
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I'm sure I saw a popup that was showing a 10% off code when signing up to the mailing list on their site.

However, it looks appaling value in general even with 10% off a 2 day pass its ~117€ and the only way that gets close to being worthwhile is if youre going to pad the days out with the overpriced fluffer junk like big bus tours, wine tasting, wax museum and aquarium (and really, whos putting them anywhere near the top of the list of things to do in paris?) cos almost everything else costs about 10-15€ so you'd need to do about 10 things to breakeven.

Lets include the most popular things -

Louvre 15
Arc De Triomphe 12
Notre Dame '10' (note that notre dame is free, the only charge is to go up the tower)
Orsay 12
Versailles 18 (presumably youll still have to pay the 8 extra for the gardens)
Opera 15
Pantheon 8
Notre Dame Crypt 8
Saint Chapelle 10

That would give a paid cost of 108. A 2 day travel pass for zones 1-3 is 20 (youll still have to pay to get to Versailles) so the paris pass - with a 10% discount - would be saving ~11 euros. And thats if you somehow manage to do everything in that list, which I think is highly unlikely given that -

* you will have to queue for tickets
* travel time to versailles is about 2 hours return so unless youre going to spend 10 mins there, this is taking up half a day
* at least a quarter of a day will be spent at the louvre
* this doesnt include the eiffel tower, so unless youre skipping that, it will eat into a couple of hours of the day.

tldr, buy your tickets online individually.
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