£5 off any spend. I just bough an egg for £10 and the code worked for that thats **50%** off eggs-£5

Get code & visit siteYA7
The code was meant for minimum £30 spends but I have got it to work on everything!!!!
its an error I think. I just bought the continental £5 box and got that free paying postage only of £3.50.
Deffinetly a great deal but hurry im sure they will take this off soon!!
use the code:


Hmm..Not bad.

Works out at 30% off a £5 spend,
(£5 item in shop vs £5 item + £3.50 delivery - £5 discount = £3.50 [30%])

Or 15% off a £10 spend,
(£10 item in shop vs £10 item + £3.50 delivery - £5 discount = £8.50 [15%])

Good if you're going to buy something anyway, but not enough to buy them just because they are cheap.



sorry im confused, easily happens i know, but what how did you get a £10 egg for free:?

ok, got ya now, read title, then you go on ot say you got something for free, totally through me, you obviously menat two seperate purchases

Sassie, the OP doesn't mention a free egg. Just stated 50% off £10 eggs.

However, there is postage to be added on, and is therefore it only works out at 15% off the in-store price.

sassie, dealfinderwanter might have meant he save 5 quid (50%) on an egg with a retail price of 10 quid at thorntons... but then he might not have added postage of 3.5 quid yet.

Good code. Post it in vouchers?

o i want a choco egg noooooooooooowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww

Changed this to a voucher post... thanks Sorry it was out of the forums for a while.
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