5% off at Choices UK-5%

Get code & visit siteUES


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BTW, this is the only code I could see for ChoicesUK

Thanks Fordy :thumbsup:


Thanks fordy :thumbsup:

Choices have emailed two offers to existing customers, this and the Bond offer (10% off of the ultimate collection) starts on the 4th September up until midnight of the 11th September.

This 5% code "BLUES" lasts 4 days STARTING from the 1st of September

Their BOGOF on Studio Ghibli Collection DVDs (making two for 14GBP) was pretty attractive already: ]http//ww…bli
before the 5% off from tomorrow. And 5% cashback via QuidCo :-)

You only find out that the code starts on 1 September if you read the HTML version of their e-mailing.

Thanks for this code Fordy. ChoicesUK provide very few codes, so it is great to see one now. The regularly have the cheapest price on many DVDs when I am searching for bargains. They changed their site look recently to be more modern looking, I haven't gotten used to that yet.

5% discount can make a lot of difference, especially when you are buying boxsets.

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Thanks guys, sorry missed the bit about it starting tomorrow....only 3 hours to go!

Thanks for this fordy Not long now!

Bloody hell! Better than staff discount!

Great - thanks for this :thumbsup:
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