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Thanks - I saved £5 on a satnav (every little helps) :thumbsup:

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hey, no probs, glad to of helped!!

I hate this site since the change..I cant put a request in because it be Too complicated for my Brain.....

i need to know this---I need a Laptop ASP...Club says I should buy one with a DVI for Digital Projection of photos...I say a VGA is just as good..Plus I can get a Better speck Laptop with VGA....But I'm being told VGA for Photography is not very good...Looks Great on my 24" monito.r whether in VGA or DVI i cant see no difference.

Please HELP!

In my opinion DVI gives a slightly "crisper" image (I have a DVI MacBook and VGA Xbox360 connected to the same monitor). That's useful when you're working on something high-contrast or precise, but really not necessary if you're just showing photos.

Personally, I'd say DVI wasn't worth paying extra for. And if you can't see any difference either then you'd just be wasting money...
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