Isnt this the airline featured on Watchdog that abandons people half way across Canada?

theyre useless
on the way out
plane was 5 hours late, then it was the wrong plane we were going to dom republic, we went via GOOSE GREEN nato base in CANADA spent 3 hours sat on the plane there , wasnt allowed to undo belts and they by then had run out of drinks.
on the way back
plane was only 3 hours late, hadnt been cleaned at all , stewardess told a passenger to foxtrot oscar, we then went to other airport for them to clean the plane which took 3+ hours including getting take off place.
hilst waiting there was a local oman with 3 kids totally pissed out of her head, she couldnt walk, threw up in the bin, kids crying their eyes out. thought its amazing they let her into the building in that state.
lo and behold we get back to heathrow to be told that there had been an incident and that we had to await for the police to come to the plane, 2 hours later the police arrive and take the pissed up woman off in habdcuffs as she had attacked the crew.

enjoy your flight with them

thanks for that - we use them all of the time and have never had any problems with them
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