£5 Off MOT Bookings  (possible MOT for £20) -  Kwik Fit

£5 Off MOT Bookings (possible MOT for £20) - Kwik Fit

Found 19th Mar 2018
Use this promo code at Kwik Fit to get £5 off MOT bookings. i have booked mine for £20!

PLEASE NOTE: this is a MOT voucher code!

YES Kwik-Fit will charge you £150 for a new set of bulbs! YES you don't need to change your tyres but they will insist you should spend £800 for a new set!

Regardless of what they want to sell you .... the MOT still £20* !!

If you are paying £54.85 at your local dealership .... well....
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Heard a radio ad on Friday. They're doing 20% off Servicing also
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Guarantee they won't leave you with a bill for just £20
Good price. I paid £24.99 last week for mine at my local Halfords autocentre. 3 years in a row and my 7 yr old Astra has passed no bother. I guess it is all down to local garages....
Kwik fit will fleece you . Avoid.
Cant believe people are voting this hot.
RandomUser4223 m ago

Guarantee they won't leave you with a bill for just £20

why? will they charge for 2 MOT instead of one?!
My local kwikfit are fantastic. My car as gone straight through the MOT the past three years and my previous car twice before that. A few times they have looked at simple things and not charged me. I go to them for services aswell, never any issue.
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Last 2 times I have sent my car to Kwikfit for an MOT, it has come out with the same issue which wasn't there when it went in. Someone in my local branch doesn't seem to know what they're doing with the brakes. I have found a great local alternative.
Stay away from KwikFit!!
.... so ... your brakes were fine before the MOT, but after the MOT you had no brakes?


Needed an Mot and service done quickly recently and went to kwik fit. It was a Nissan Note and the front tyres needed changing shortly. They offered me 2 new budget tyres fitted for 160. When I asked for a breakdown the wheel alignment was £50. Errrrr no thanks. Paid £105 for 2 new decent Bridgestones fitted
Went there once. Saw a guy squirting oil on to front suspension from a can as I walked past workshop. Guess what they failed it on? Never, ever, again.
RandomUser4211 h, 46 m ago

Guarantee they won't leave you with a bill for just £20

agree, biggest con artist around.
About 20 years ago I took my old Astra to a Hyundai dealer where the NHS Hospital I worked at had an account. Failed on three shock absorbers but they said best to do all four and bring it any day the next week - obviously got no work on that week. I asked the cost and totted it up mentally to over £300 without VAT. A mechanic friend took it to Dagenham Motors next day and it sailed through and the Ford tester said they were a bit soft but not an MOT failure. It cost £20 for the mechanic friend and another MOT Test fee but It passed for the next 4 years before it got stolen and burnt out. I asked at Kwik Fit and they would do all four shocks for £100 with 3 years warranty on them. I'm not a Kwik Fit fan but it's not just them who are at it.
I have to go along with everybody, wouldn’t trust my car with Kwik Fit, I now go to my local garage after being ripped off by this company.
Agree. Bad experience with a similar offer at Kwik fit. They wanted £400 for extra work. Refused, took to a local garage who passed the car without issues.
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