5% off the area 51 m15x notebook @ Alienware

5% off the area 51 m15x notebook @ Alienware

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Does DELL own alienware..?

I just love the Alienware brand of PCs, just a shame I can't afford even the keyboard!

I wouldn't touch Alienware with a VERY long barge pole. Nor would one of my friends who had exactly the same hardware problems as me with a completely different model.

Both his and my laptops lasted just over a year!

I bought a Dell Vostro 1700 and I'm extremely happy with it. (Yes I know Dell own Alienware).

I have 3 different Alienware's in the house all run perfectly and would pick no other (build quality better than anything else) - epecially after seeing an XPS (dell) in PC world - really cheap and nasty !

Dell may well own Alienware pity Dell doesn't live up to Alienwares quality build !!

Voucher not working !

I'm very surprised.
My Vostro 1700 laptop is 100 times better than the Area-51m 7700 I bought. The build quality was the worst factor. The only saving grace of my Alienware was the top of the case. Little over a year of use and it became a door stop. My friend had a different, newer Alienware model, but had exactly the same problems. I found out recently he's also replaced it with a Dell.

The voucher was posted over 2 months ago. I'm not surprised it doesn't work any more.
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