£5 Play.com Voucher With Purchase of 2 Fanta Drinks

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Sounds good. Could you potentially text using a freebie texting service such as "http://www.cbfsms.com/" (This question goes for any deal that requires texting to receive a code) ??

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The label :thumbsup: Sorry for quality only got my iPhone handy

No idea if there is a minimum spend limit to use the voucher I will try soon.

I doubt the free text sites can because it uses your phone number to say if you have entered two codes to get the free voucher. Can you receive texts on these sites?

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Oh i did search but didn't come up Weird why is that Expired?


Expiry on other one was 29th June- what's the expiry on yours?

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Expiry on other one was 29th June- what's the expiry on yours?


"The Unique Promotional Voucher Code entitles the consumer to a £5 discount from a minimum spend of £50."

Quoted from the promotion website

£5 Voucher codes are still being given even though the main competion has ended, you are also entered into the final prize draw on 30-9-08. Promotional Bottles of Fanta are currently available at some Home Bargains stores at just 19p each.

Is it possible to get a £5.00 play voucher or be entered without buying cans of Fanta?
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