Given it a try, thanks! Heat and rep coming

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Cheers given it a try too :thumbsup:

Dont know why this is expired, as I entered the code fine and all seems well... Remember the voucher will take up to 10 days - it's not automatic.

Yep, not expired. Still works fine.

Thanks, OP.:thumbsup:


I have just did as the op said & it still worked for me also. thanks to the op. :thumbsup:
Very happy here. :-D

Unexpired as it still appears to be working.

Worked for me as well :thumbsup: have asked for it to be unexpired Thanks

T&Cs below - what's GTA? (see 5)

1. The closing date to apply for your free voucher is Midnight 8th May, 2008.
2. You must sign up as a CD WOW! member, or be a current member to receive your voucher.
3. Voucher will be sent to you within 10 working days if your entry has been validated.
4. Only 1 voucher per household in the UK.
5. Only first 100 copies of GTA will be redeemable with voucher. Limited stock
6. Limited stock on all products, vouchers to be redeemed on first come, first serve basis
7. You must have purchased a copy of Play magazine on the 17th April, 2008 to qualify for this offer.
8. Voucher can only be redeemed at cd-wow.com/pla…993
9. Only 1 voucher will be issued - no replacement vouchers will be issued.
10. Vouchers may not be used in conjunction with any other offer.
11. All vouchers must be redeemed by midnight 24th May, 2008.
12. You must remain a CD WOW! member for at least 31 days to qualify.
13. Only one redemption per person.
14. Any persons applying more than once will be automatically disqualified.
15. This offer is non-transferable, voucher/benefit valid to legitimate qualifying recipients only.
16. You must register via URL/link as advertised in the publication. Links from any other sites are strictly prohibited.
17. Applications made via any forum/newsgroup will be deemed invalid.
18. To redeem the voucher, you must sign up as a CD WOW! member and remain a member for 31 consecutive days from sign-up/offer closing date (whichever is later).
19. One voucher per person, per household will be sent via email within 7 working days of the offer closing date.
20. We take no responsibility for the non-receipt of vouchers after the voucher redemption date.
21. No correspondence will be entered into between offer closing date and voucher issue date.
22. Proof of subscription/purchase will be required to validate application.
23. To redeem a voucher you must be logged-in as a member via [url]www.cd-wow.com[/url] only and no other affiliated site.
24. Vouchers are for single use only.
25. You can only use one voucher per transaction and must not have linked through via any other site than [url]www.cd-wow.com[/url].
26. Value of vouchers redeemed against orders which are later cancelled will not be refunded or re-issued.
27. If full value of voucher is not redeemed no refund will be given.
28. Voucher not to be used in conjunction with any other CD WOW!.com promotional offer.
29. All applications will be verified to ensure validity of entrant's details.
30. You must Sign up as a CD WOW! member or be a current member to receive your voucher.
31. Entry implies acceptance of these terms and conditions which are legally binding.
32. CD WOW! reserves the right to refuse any voucher application or voucher redemption if there is any suspicion of fraud or 'malredemption'. Our decision is final.
33. Applicants must be 18 years old or over and live in the UK.
34. Employees of CD WOW!, their families, agencies and anyone directly associated with the promotion are not eligible.
35. For queries contact CD WOW! Customer Services by email - reply@cd-wow.com
36. Vouchers have no cash value and are non-transferable.
37. We have the right to end the promotion should the number of applications exceed the circulation figures of the publication.
38. This offer is for redemption by the qualifying recipient only and is non-transferable.
39. Only 1 voucher will be issued - no replacement vouchers will be issued.
40. This offer is subject to availability.

anyone else thinking the 'enter your unique password' bit could scupper things ?

Thanks :thumbsup: have given it a go - HOT

Good stuff... Heat and Rep added. Thanks


anyone else thinking the 'enter your unique password' bit could scupper … anyone else thinking the 'enter your unique password' bit could scupper things ?

As it seems the code/voucher came from a magazine, im sure it'll be fine as it will cost them too much to personalise each copy of the mag. with a different code I would think.

[QUOTE=Newbold;1943951]T&Cs below - what's GTA? (see 5) QUOTE]

Grand Theft Auto?

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GTA is Grand Theft Auto and they will only allow this to be used on 100 copies of that at the most, but you can use it on any other game! the unique code is the same in each magazine as i checked to make sure so should be ok!

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Also note that the voucher may take up to 10 days so by that time GTA will already be out! Its £40.99 on the site without this voucher! plus i think you get 4% quidco with cd wow as well , not much but every little helps :thumbsup:

Heat added!;-)

Good spot thanks, although they are a little overpriced compared to other online game shops and their Xbox 360 range seems a bit limited.

Heat added.

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Why was this expired? This deal is still running! Can someone unexpire it or tell me how to!

Just registered, here's hoping for a £5 voucher - thanks OP

Anyone received their voucher yet ?

Was wondering myself, so i went back and checked the terms and conditions:

# The closing date to apply for your free voucher is Midnight 8th May, 2008.
# Voucher will be sent to you within 10 working days of closing date if your entry has been validated.

so probably another 2 weeks to wait

Hope this arrives, I've got my eye on ordering The Godfather Trilogy on HD-DVD for £11.99

I shouldn't admit the fact i've never seen them - though I did buy the box set on VHS nearly ten years ago, lol.

Edit: How foolish of me. This voucher is only valid against games over £12.99 - doh!


I have a £3 CDWOW games voucher that expires on Sunday, if anyone wants it just let me know, first person to send me a private message will get it!


Damn, was hoping to get COD4 for £15 but still waiting for voucher and they've put it back up to £25 from £20 in the meantime.


Just registered for a voucher, thanks

waiting for voucher - most of the games are over £5 more than anywhere else anyway. Can anyone point out a ps3/360/psp game that is worth getting from here?

Bearing in mind I can get Bad Company with 10% off at virgin + I used a Game voucher on another pre order, they are both better than using this voucher with cd wow.

Just got mine :thumbsup:

me too. Cheers op.

Sigh..... don't want any of those games, I was actually hoping for Zack & Wiki.

Anyone else is free to use my £5 code.
link: www13.cd-wow.com/pla…993
code: c5055-708ad-a4877-33c6c

I thought it was £5 off any game, it seems it's £5 off a load of games that can be bought for about £15 cheaper elsewhere.


Really dissapointed, was going to get COD4 and Crysis on the cheap as well, didn't realise it was limited to a set list, well annoying

Just got mine, but the games are sh**ely priced::x

Has anyone tried to use it on anything?:whistling:

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Load Of **** does not mention you have to buy a specific game at all in the mag or during registration! must of chenged it when they saw how many people had registered for it!

The closing date to apply for your free voucher is Midnight 8th May, 2008.


my voucher only just arrived and I am a bit cross because it didn't
say anywhere that it was for specific items only. I won't be using this
site again - do they really think we are so stupid?! what a complete
waste of time
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