£5 Voucher off £50 at Comet (instore) when you register for Comet Perks-£5

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I hope i have now signed up for perks for you.

Made a purchase today 27/11 (Microwave) and was given a card a details to sign up for Comet perks

Info above says this offer has expired - staff are obviously not aware of this!

what a waste of time I purchased a dryer on 13/04/2011 and was given a card and details to sign up only to find it out of date whats going on?

Made a large purchase on Monday was given a plug in to perks card but when I tried to sign up was told offer had expired! Are staff not updated on these things. Not happy!!

wot a con i bought 2 items today............freezer and KENWOOD CHEF tried to get my voucher and surprize surprize its not valid.......get a grip comet !!!!!!!

Well i have tried and tried to log on to plug in perks,you reset my password but stll cant get into offers,and I was wanted to make a large purchase at comet store,Please help!

how do i sign up for comet plug in perks
many thanks len

I tried to sign up for the perks, I send an e-mail about it and was told some delay, but i should here soon. and now i see the offer has been withdrawn. What is going on.

Agree, all seemed well today except when you go to put the points on your £5 voucher it says registration page no longer in use. That is stupid ?In fact unless explained that is a con.

Comet management rubbish signed up to perks in OCT brought a tv and blueray player went in to store to but a laptop to day and they dont know any thing about the discounts they promised used to but all my electrical good from Comet never again.

staff told me to enter the £.1000.00 draw the idiot machine will not recognoise the first name PETER , WHAT A WASTE OF MY TIME.

tried to enter the perks site 3 times via different methods direct, googled, clicked different positions on first page but still unable to get in and claim the £.5.00 my time is worth more than that.
congrats for 2 total rubbish promotions

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Been in Lincoln store today, thought I had logged on last night for offer. When in store my post code and address said D Clark (who????) I have lived there for 33 years. Bought photo paper and assistant manually put in for 10% off when I told him I registered yesterday.
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