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Any vouchers around for existing customers ?. I occasionally get letters in the post with things like £30 of a £60 order etc, but I throw them away due to not wanting the temptation to spend.

Now I have an item in mind (£99 unit) that I want I have no voucher to get price down.
Do the vouchers for current customers come up often ?.

Ive noticed that vouchers are basically non existent. I used to get loads of vouchers here but havent had any in ages. Ive got a few things to order from additions but without the vouchers its not worth it.

Not just me then. Plenty for when we don't want to buy and none when we do.

Hopefully in weeks to come something will come up. I hope that they release a voucher to get people buying for kids going back to school. Nice big amount like £30 off a £60 order would do nicely. Or even more, just not a percentage one. They are only really worth it when your spending hundreds at a time.

Will use these today, thanks.


Not working? working for anyone else?
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