50% off £30+ spend at Pizza Hut online-50%

Get code & visit site1BP


does this include delivery?


does this include delivery?

Delivery is free..... of course, the odd £1.00 as tips......:thumbsup:
REP given to op as i was waiting for a code like that!!!...........:-D

Original Poster

thanks jcaho7!


Never has pizza hut much before these 50% off codes now have it nearly every week ha lol.

thanks op

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nice one
thank you

Thank you


including drinks, desserts: can someone please confirm this

i usualy use it on desserts and it works ty hun wil use this on sat x

good deal , cheers


will order it tomorrow



will order it tomorrow

trying to order and its not working


trying to order and its not working

Whether the voucher works will depends on your local branch, mine almost never accept these

this is odd, i ordered on sunday night and it included drinks.
however now i ordered and it didnt include the drinks.
dont know about anyone else, got a feeling pizza hut 'rectified' the code

Yeah I think they've gotta have fixed it or something...

I've used the older one as this to similar effect, where it seems to only take about £6 off the £30 and not the whole £15... anyone else seen this? :thinking:

EDIT: Ooh, I know what I'd done, tried to add a half and half pizza, seems to work with most normal ones though. Cheers OP Heat/Rep etc



just ordered and it worked...easy tea n half bats wow thanks!!!!

if i use firefox or explorer sometimes the pizzahut website loops round and round and round!
login, then click pizzas, then it takes me to login again! mad!

oh... and about a month ago when i last used this code it wouldn't quite give me 50% off, and i only had pizza and sides, weird.

This deal has expired.

its gives a few ££££ off now but no longer 50% off

Worked for me, didn't give exactly 50% off, but not far off it........Almost £40 worth of food for £21....Woo Hoo !!


It doesn't like it when you order half and half pizzas but if you call the store they will honour the deal. :thumbsup:

Just worked fine for me...:

Large Cheesy Bites Super Supreme™
++ Steak
+No Black Olives
Potato skins (6) - with cheese & bacon
++Sour Cream & Chive Dip
Cheesy Jalapeno poppers (6 poppers)
Coleslaw (200g)
Warm Cookie Dough
Chilli Onion Rings (7 rings)
++Sweet Chilli Dip
P5W4 DM Voucher Booket 50% Off WYS £30 (dma5431bp)

Payment of £15.14 received from customer's credit/debit card.

Love it!

great, cheers.
works on CYO but doesnt work on half n half pizzas!

Thanks - just worked for me!:)

Doesn't seem to work on mine (Newcastle)

Oops! Code not valid at this hut, please check terms and conditions

Working at Charlton 31/05/10

this still works

+1 agree yum

[COLOR=Red]Oops! Code not valid at this hut, please check terms and conditions

Nooooooooooooooo !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


[COLOR=Red]Oops! Code not valid at this hut, please check terms and … [COLOR=Red]Oops! Code not valid at this hut, please check terms and conditions[/COLOR]Nooooooooooooooo !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Just tried it and it worked for me.

just used it - didnt work at my 2 local pizza hut so had to drive a bit far to collect - saved about £20 though so bargain !!

heat added

can this be used when eating at the restaurant?

how do you get the voucher??
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