50% off £30 Spend @ Pizza Hut

50% off £30 Spend @ Pizza Hut


Thank You

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Your welcome


Thanks for the info - what a bargain!!!! j

Doesn't work

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Doesn't work

Was in a flyer we got trough the door - will see if I can find it to scan in.

It works great - only on pizzas, sides etc meals or deals not valid.

Thanks just ordered

Fantastic! Thankyou!!! :-D my first pizza hut order for my sons birthday

I try to order only pizzas, but doesn't work

Matthew - if you try to order meal deals it doesn't work, you have to have just pizzas. I don't think it applies to sides or desserts either.
Example - just ordered:
£10 pizza
£12 pizza
£8 sides
£3 dessert
Total = £33.
Total of 50% = £11 (50% of the pizza)
Final bill - £22.

Still worth doing, but sometimes the meal deals run the codes a close 2nd.

phone up and tell them you have a 50% off code and you get 50% off EVERYTHING!

P2W1 Value Card 50% Off WYS 30 Ex Drinks & Ice Cre

This is 50% of £30 exluding drinks and ice cream

I ordered 2 pizzas and 3 potato wedge sides and definitely got 50% off the lot. I didn't do the choosing toppings though,maybe that?

Okay, I'll straighten this out

I work for Pizza Hut. These deals apply to pizzas, sides and desserts, but not drinks or ice creams. Online you can't use the voucher against half and half pizzas, but you can usually do this if you call up.

The desserts you can use it against are; Warm Cookie Dough, Rocky Road, Chillco Brownie Slice or Chillco Banoffee Slice. All the other desserts are ice creams and cannot be used with this offer.

I would also be prepared when using this voucher that in some cases if the voucher is not presented at the door, you may have to fork up the full amount. This is not likely, but there is a chance of this happening. In my area a couple of the managers are trying to knuckle down on the amount of people not giving vouchers to the drivers, and in 4 months there have been 3 people who have been made to pay the full amount. Not a lot, as most drivers don't want the hassle, but worth baring in mind just in case you don't have a voucher laying around

Icklecat -

If you phone up you can USE THE CODE for everything!! even dips!!!

can someone help which vouchers are valid ? as none of them seem to work online !

anyone tried this lately?

just tried this code its still 100% working

2 P2W1 Value Card 50% Off WYS 30 Ex Drinks & Ice Cre
Subtotal: £59.96
Voucher saving: -£29.98
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