50% off £40 spend using voucher code @ Dominos Pizza

50% off £40 spend using voucher code @ Dominos Pizza

Found 1st Dec 2012
Sorry if already posted I did a search but couldn't find anything.

Voucher code is STU50XXX. I know its not store specific however not sure if will work for every store.
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i love these vouchers, makes it resonable to actually buy dominos, usually a rip off
Definitely...can get a good selection for 20quid with voucher...including dessert
Doesn't work in the Derry branch.
Doesn't work at norwich either
It's only just gone 9am and now I want Dominos
Doesn`t work at middleton
Doesn't work in Barnstaple
Doesn't work in Glasgow branches
Does not work in South Wales.
Why do people keep putting store specific codes on here? VOTED COLD
Wow I can't even imagine spending £40 on pizza in the first place
Doesn't work for Yeovil.

Doesn't work for Yeovil.

Doesn't work in Oxford either.
Doesn't work for Southend, thanks anyways x
Doesn't work at Isleworth store
It may not be working for some however it is not store specific and has been successful in many stores.
Doesn't work in Liverpool.
Works for Southsea, thanks
Thanks, Dominoes so much better than the Hut.

Well think about it.. if you usually order £20 worth.. add another £20 pounds worth of sides and desserts and happy days!
Nope, not working in Milton Keynes. However, I couldn't see myself spending £40 on Pizza!
Nice code, cheers !
Not working in Nottingham

Doesn't work in Barnstaple

Not working for bristol:-(
well it does work in south wales as i ordered using this code in cardiff last night
Doesn't work in Bishops Stortford, Hertfordshire
2 flamedeers off my own post in 2 days!
Would be better to put which stores it does actually work for? Didn't work in Kent either!
Doesn't work in Aberdeen. Grrrrr
Great find, heated
Doesnt work in Edin :-(
Thanks, just worked for me in southampton.
doesnt work in most places still more than 600 degrees. that is hot
Not working in cov
Still works in Southampton on 15/12/2012
Plymouth NO
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