50% off any card at Funky Pigeon

50% off any card at Funky Pigeon



I had just come on to post this. I was hoping it was sent out to me deliberately as I just made a big order from them last night.

Obviously not, but heat added regardless. £7 wasted.
ive made an order literally 30 mins ago. grrrrrrrrr

Pity this ones not to be used on anything apart from cards. the old one was on calendars too. pity.

Although I have built up £70+ in referral credits so cant complain lol
£70? Blimey. I'm just a bit annoyed that I put £20 in as pre-pay, to get the £5 back for future orders. Had I known about this code (or bothered to check the old ones first, which still worked as of today) I would've only needed to put £10 in.

Live and learn.
Yep. I posted my code on a few forums (not this one as its a no-no) and just every few days see another £3/£6 lol. I cant use it fast enough!

Ive done xmas and birthdays in advance for the next 12months already. pity they are not on Quidco
Wow, good idea. Worth it for free cards!

They probably can't reduce prices any more. I went with Moonpig before and I can't stress enough how much better FunkyPigeon is!
same here! FP beat MP hands down! Cheaper with free delivery, codes to use and really good quality. The flower service is good too as far as that goes.
Drooler, why is this site a "no no"?
self-promotion isnt allowed here. I would directly gain if I used the site for referrals.
worked for me thanks
Thanks Drooler. I was confused!
Great deal thanks. Really fast delivery with these as well as great quality. Cheers
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