50% off at Groupon local or getaways, today only

50% off at Groupon local or getaways, today only

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I received an email today for 50% off a Groupon deal. It says local or getaways, I don't know if that means it's only on specific deals or if that covers everything. Max saving of £30, ends midnight tonight. Shouldn't be account specific I don't think as it's a very generic code.

Edit: Apparently it is account specific, probably worth checking your emails though to see if you've been sent one.
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Sounds good, if anyone can find a deal it actually accepts?
Tried with a few and didn't work
It appears that it may be account specific - I just tried it and it said the code wasn't valid for my account as I hadn't received the email myself. Shame! Good if it works for you though
Showing as account specific unfortunately
Ah that's a shame, I really thought it would work for everyone as it's such a generic code. Hopefully it will work for some people though, I must admit I haven't even tried it myself yet so maybe it's a problem at their end if it doesn't work.
Account specific. You can remove it now.
Thanx - just checked my emails and I had one in there from Groupon for 50% off.
Great find
Pointless - account specific. If you haven't had an email, you don't get the deal.
account specific
How does the email looks like ?
mooimeid_ash35 m ago

How does the email looks like ?

It's from "Groupon Discount" and the subject is "50% OFF - One day only"

I'll leave the offer up for now as it might bring it to other people's attention if they received it and didn't notice, it's only active for a few more hours anyway. I don't think I'd bought anything from Groupon for awhile so it's probably trying to entice people back who haven't been on in awhile.
Thanks OP, remined me to check my email , managed to book a night away, a meal and a day out, luckily i have several email address registered with Groupon and they were all sent the offer
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