50% off at Pizza Hut-50%

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I have just registered so will wait for voucher. Great saving thanks for info

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Already posted a few … Already posted a few timeshttp://www.hotukdeals.com/item/231592/50-off-your-food-bill-when-you-dine/

sorry thought this was a more up to date offer

Used one on Saturday... £38 for the 4 of us became £21. bargain.

limit of one per email address you have, so have one for work too


Thanks - hopefully it will arrive before the weekend. I'm assuming the printout will have the designated branch on it - then there won't be any arguing about whether they'll accept the voucher like you get at Burger King.

Shame we didn't realise that it cannot be used in deals and ordered a meal deal for £24 and paid full price :oops: plus drinks

Been posted before but good reminder Thank you


Me and my boyfriend have just done one each thanks!


Shame we didn't realise that it cannot be used in deals and ordered a … Shame we didn't realise that it cannot be used in deals and ordered a meal deal for £24 and paid full price :oops: plus drinks

What deals? :?
Before I go and make the same mistake


What deals? :?Before I go and make the same mistake

We ordered meal deal called 'For More' which is £24.99 - Any large & any medium pizza, Combo platter, Large salad plate.
Other deals are
FOR YOU £6.99
Any individual pizza
Any starter or side
FOR TWO £12.99
Any medium pizza
Combo platter
Best is to order individual pizzas and sides. :thumbsup:
Hope this helps.

can you use the tesco clubcard vouchers at the same time with this offer


Yep just a word of warning, read the small print, we paid the full whack coz we had the for four deal, (between two of us and a small child, ahem !!)

just used this, made sure i asked what was classed as a deal and what wasnt, ended up getting over £10 off for 3 of us, bargain thanks

use it yesterday 6 of us down from £93 to £53 not bad for a 3 course meal.

Great voucher used it today combo platter starters and a large pizza with cheese bites and two drinks with unlimited refils for £13.27

Many thanx to poster of this voucher.

Thanks:) Just waiting to receive the email now

used it today and it saved me 13.75! it didnt work with drinks though. only food. so 2 large pizzas with cheesy bites and 3 cokes worked out to 20£ instead of 34£.

:thumbsup: Going on thursday, after skool, printed out and shared with my family, Good deal.:p


meal for 5 for £14.95 bargain. we are tight anyhow sharing icecreams etc but this def our best yet

Hot to trot spot Pinkmelonsmr2 !!!
I keep thinking that you're pinkmelons boyfriend then i remember it's your new car on the end?
Ta very muchly ... !!! xxxxx

Saw this in The Express newspaper today... not too shabby. Ashame it's not on buffet though lol.

that's cool! :thumbsup:

Used this yesterday - 7 kids and 4 adults all having starters, pizzas and deserts + soft drink (which wasn't discounted) and the bill only came to £52! Not bad for 11 of us.

Just trying to get another voucher now using hubbies name and email address.

used one of these last week, it cost £6 each so £12 total for two, for a individual size pizza each, one drink, garlic bread to share and a one trip to the salad bar each, plus ice cream from the ice cream factory, a bargain!!!

much cheaper than the lunchtime buffet plus drink on top and garlic bread! the ice cream wasnt on the bill though so i think they forgot to add that on, but great deal! am tempted to again before it ends so the 2 individual size pizzas, 1 garlic bread and 2 x one trip to the salad bar came to about £4.80 then we got a squash refil and free icecream :P all for £6 bargain.

Used this last night and saved £14

Tried the cookie dough for the first time - DELICIOUS!!!!

This ends sunday

Went tonight to the one in Ocean Plaza in Southport, noticed someone at the next table using a voucher - thought they probably either use HUKD or MSE!
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