50% off at Pizza Hut when you spend £30 or more

50% off at Pizza Hut when you spend £30 or more

Found 11th Dec 2009Made hot 19th Dec 2009
I had a book of vouchers through the door today, so they can be used online for delivery.

It doesn't say it's a local deal, so I assume it can be used anywhere in the UK.

You can get 50% off when you spend £30 or more at full menu price. Offer excludes drinks and ice cream, and excludes other deals.

Code is: FPC9864CU


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why has this been marked as expired??

Think it was posted last week, but still thanks for posting as can never have too many half price pizza codes lol.
Have some Rep

Brilliant - that's birthday lunch for my husband sorted! It's on the 20th and the previous posted code expires on the 16th. Rep added.

Awesome, love these!

makin us all fat before Christmas lol! yummy! more press ups kitten! heat added

Cold it doesn't apply discount at check out!


Cold it doesn't apply discount at check out!

Just tested, worked for me :thumbsup:

but dont u need to give voucher to deliverly man x


its only giving me £5 off! I hate this web page! it even says 50% off.....

if you order online it will only work for pizzas phone up and they take 50% off everuything it used to do that online but the stoped that noiw

ok, seems to not like half and half..... also does not dicount juice, but this counts for the total....

Another one! These are dangerous. Thanks OP.

Still working, AND my nearest deliver. Let them skid about in their wee VW fox cars...

By the way, there is no way that the 3 pizzas i have bought are worth £36. Wi the 50% off, thats more like it!!!

Awesome. Heat added


thanks worked for me pizza for tea yum. thanks op heat added.

worked for me to, thanks...

Just used it works fine for me. Thanks op.

Heads up. Seems to be only if you add everything separately that it discounts the total. If you use the voucher on one of them meal deals it wont work properly. :thumbsup:

just ordered thanks

great... just order yum.

Just had a voucher book off a delivery driver from pizza hut and marked on the voucher book is this code, with an expiry date of !!31/07/2010!! so half price pizza for the first 7 months of the year!!

still working!

Code still working

Used today. Thank you :-D

Used today as well.

Worked today!

can you use code on pick up as my local dont deliver

Ordered today and it worked like a charm!

AFTERMATH: Shame it doesn't even come close to Papa Johns in taste

still works whoop !!


nice one- just used it an it worked for me too; 32 quids worth half price- nice! cheers OP!

Brilliant, just used today, cheers

Thank you! Used it this evening.

Cheesy crust pizzas - mmmm - though have to say I much prefer Pizza Express . . .

Used-thanks! :thumbsup:

cheers sat night done

thanks, ordered 2 large ones, worked like a dream )))

Just used. Thanks. Think expiry for this is 1/8/10, so lots of use yet!!!

Thanks - just used.

50% off WYS £30 or more (fpc9864cu)
By the way what does WYS stand for??

What you see? no idea!

just ordered again, still working thanks a bunch!

When you spend I assume... that makes sense to me anyway!

Thanks for this, its still valid.
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