50% off BBQ Party Box £29 with code @ Campbells Meat

50% off BBQ Party Box £29 with code @ Campbells Meat

Found 28th Jun 2018Edited by:"alphamike"
  • Campbells Steak Burgers - 6 x 170g each
  • Mini Steak Burgers - 6 x 45g each
  • Premium Pork Sausages - 6 to the lb
  • Pork, Haggis and Herb Jumbo Sausages - 6 to the lb
  • Chicken Drumsticks Pack of 10 - 110g each
  • Chicken Thighs On The Bone - 8 x 142g each
  • BBQ Marinade (Flava It) - 1 x 45g
  • Award Winning BBQ Pork Ribs - 2 x 500g each
  • Recipe Book x 1
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4 days shelf from dispatch?
So a day or 2 max when it reaches you
Code not valid?
Buy from Campbells at your peril.
Their meat is absolutely awful.
Honestly, don't do it.
Ribs are the same as the boxed ones you can buy from aldi and lidl to stick in the microwave, minimal pork content in the sausages, burgers are mini, note the word mini here and you can get the flava marinade from the likes of b and m for 20p. Complete rip off, i've stopped using Campbells due to misleading information and their total inability to follow simple packaging butcher requests. Seriously, do not bother.
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