50% off car and motorcycle batteries expires tonight 9pm

50% off car and motorcycle batteries expires tonight 9pm

Found 20th Sep 2017
2795181-LW0e4.jpgRecently bought an AGM Exide ETX7A BS motorcycle battery for cheaper than Tayna batteries who are generally the cheapest online.
Eurocarparts price inc. del. and discount £23.74
Tayna price inc. del. £29.47

There are el cheapos on Ebay and some dubious branded e.g. LION for a tad less but my experience with LION is poor + less cranking amps.

Not exactly 50% off but scale this up to e.g. a big expensive Bosch and you're likely to make a big saving.
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Well worth a purchase with the colder weather coming. Have bought from here before and had not problems, can't go far wrong with a new car battery for £25
Great deal!
What a joke 50% off, A battery for my car works out just £2 cheaper than Carparts4 less with the supposed 50% off.
I’m 95% certain that they’ve jacked the price up. I’m sure I looked last week and a Bosch battery for my car was £109. Now it’s apparently £210 but with a ‘half price’ sale 🤔
Wish I had this about three weeks ago! Thanks though heat added! Paid £87 for my car bat...
the prices are definitely inflated but still pretty good after the 50% reduction.
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