50% off everything  using voucher code @ Directsight

50% off everything using voucher code @ Directsight

Found 21st Feb 2014
I'm getting old - it's official. I had my eyes checked and I now need varifocals. Boots wanted £169 for basic package. Specsavers did better - £155 for 1.6 high index and medium quality varifocals. I looked at glasses direct and the vouchers thing but that would only give £30 off per order.

Go to Direct Sight (which looks remarkably like Glasses Direct) and use the code LOVE50. This gives 50% off everything except delivery and can be used with other offers. I got Boss Orange Glasses BO0035 reduced from £120, plus 1.67 index lenses (super thin £+60 in spec savers), plus Advanced Varifocals Freeform lenses (£+95 in spec savers), plus £4 delivery. With the 50% off code it came in at £135.
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okay maybe I should have waited until my order arrived before recommending - chased my order today a week after ordering. Phones down and asked to email. Email back says;

The glasses started production on the 24th when we got your order. We ask that you allows 28 working days for production however tbe majority complete well within this time.

28 working days? Distance sellings regs say 30 days max - bonkers. If i dont have them in the next week I am cancelling. Sorry for recommending
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