50% off Haven Holidays!

50% off Haven Holidays!



They have 6 nights for the price of 3 during the last week in August which is a great deal for a peak time. The code will only work on a full price holiday though.
It says so, but I phoned up today and first of all asked to book the coming weekend with the code and was quoted £179 for silver caravan. Put the phone down and then rang back and asked for the best price they could give me on a silver caravan, they quoted £179 and then I said, oh I have a code, gave it to them and they halfed the price for me!!! make sure you get the quote before you give the code!!!
Thanks, my family is supposed to be going on holiday in a few days, so this will probably help a lot!

Voted hot and repped :thumbsup:
I got 70% off when I booked in February for a 5 night stay in July without any codes....

I just booked online early...:thumbsup:
We paid £130 for a luxury caravan for 4 nights in May( you get £10 back for linen deposit and dvd player in your room, early check in ect) without any codes, my kids love Haven so if you can get a cheap few nights away go for it !
We've been to several Haven parks over the few years and I find you get the best prices through Haven by booking online and going to the 'Late Deals' section. But IMHO by far the best way is to find the privately owned vans while you're there, choose the ones you like in the best positions and contact the owners through the numbers they put in the windows. We now use 3 regular rentals in great locations on different sites that we book directly through the owners and get great prices!
We just booked four nights in Golden Sands from 30th April using the code and it only gave us an £8 discount off an £89 starting price, not the 50% we were hoping for :-(

Still, it'll be a little break for us if nothing else.
Phoned up and got the full 50% off for 2 weeks at Blue Dolphin, making it £117.50 :-D

I suspect a fair few people have seen this post and phoned up though, since at most places the bank holiday weekend is now full up!

We paid £130 for a luxury caravan for 4 nights in May( you get £10 back f … We paid £130 for a luxury caravan for 4 nights in May( you get £10 back for linen deposit and dvd player in your room, early check in ect) without any codes, my kids love Haven so if you can get a cheap few nights away go for it !

we just came back from north wales haven having paid for luxury accomodation and we had a nightmare there.
[*]paid for linen, which was in a bag outside, caravan hadnt even been cleaned
[*]paid for dvd player, no remote for dvd player so wouldnt work.
[*]paid to check in early, arrived at half 1 and had to wait till half 3 for someone to come and fix the lock to our alternative caravan.
[*]swimming pool was freeeeeeeeeezing cold.[/LIST]so good luck to everyone that uses the code. i wont be but thanks for posting.
Oh my grilli, what a nightmare, its a bit of a coincidence you saying that because I went to North wales last september (Hafan Y Mor ) and we had a marvelous time , we paid for luxury accomodation, all the beds were laid, dvd player worked, and we got our tenner refunded, the apartment was yards from the beach it was beautiful!!

I think you get bad and good experiences wherever you go, we're going to dorset this year so fingers crossed its a good one !! :thumbsup:
it was Hafan Y Mor we stayed at, we were at the other end (near the swimming pool and reception) made a complaint about all the problems we had while we were there and got a letter last week saying sorry for the problems with the lock on the caravan, not the wait while they fixed it or the fact we'd paid extra to check in earlier or anything else i've mentioned. so sent them a letter complaining and waiting to hear back from them about it all.
Thanks op, got a week in September in top of the range caravan for £199. EXCELLENT
Nice deal ajnicho, Welcome to the forums!!!
Tried using the code, but was told the full discounts had allready been applied to give the best price

still got a Bronze Caravan + Half Board for 2 adults and 1 child, Mon-Fri for £269 which doesnt seem too bad.

Looking forward to a nice break.
Booked today for 21st July. Received £200 discount! now only £500 for silver caravan - very happy.

Phoned up as advised and got internet price first - then informed them i had discount code - price dropped from 709 (no insurance) to 509.

Be careful at the start as they will ask you where you have been looking - not sure if internet prices cheaper than brochure.

Good luck:thumbsup:
How long are you going for? 500 still seems a lot :?
A week - paid £400 2 years ago for a mobile skip in St Ives for a week. Campsite right on the beach in Weymouth - great facilities for little one etc....
Personally I think that's still an outrageous price for a week - I'd expect to go for a month for £500! :w00t:

Everyone has their own preference though of course, as well as it depending on where you go as to how much you pay, so good to hear that you got a discount that you're happy with :thumbsup:
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