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Thanks for the post. Don't think it's here yet. The easy way to search if a code has been posted is to pop the code itself in the search box...

Be aware using this will invalidate any warranty you have implicitly as a consumer, ie no SOGA, no DSR (so no free returns) as the code is for business user rather than consumer. You'll still have the dell warranty though - just to make sure anyone considering this realises you won't have the same protection. Dell's no 0870 number is available on Saynoto0870 also - don't pay premium prices.

I don't want to get all legalistic on you, Sean, but I don't think that Dell's website can take your consumer rights away from you. Sure, it may be wrong of a consumer to go to the business website, but that does not make the consumer a business. That is a matter of fact, in the same way as a business shopping on the consumer part of the Dell website does not become a consumer. Having said that, you may have a hard time persuading Dell that I am right on this, and I am sure that Sean is right in practice.

By using the Business site, you accept the business terms and conditions - you assert you are not dealing as a consumer by those terms, and therefore have no consumer rights, as it is not a consumer transaction. Business can never have consumer rights, but if they are going to be using a consumer part of the site (which would be idiotic considering the inability to reclaim the vat) it is likely an individual would buy the item, then sell it to the company by reclaiming that expense.

I'd have left it, but for some reason I bothered to check Dell's terms and condition, and there is nothing in them that says "By using the Business site, you accept the business terms and conditions". Or at least, I could not find it. Perhaps you can point it out to me, Sean?

In fact, Dell use the same terms and conditions on both (all) parts of their website. If you read their terms and conditions, which is well worth while doing before posting, this is what it says:


Business User: legal entity or person who buys or agrees to buy Products &/or Services from Dell other than for private use

Consumer: an individual who buys or agrees to buy Products &/or Services from Dell for private use;

1.3 Some parts of this Agreement apply to all of our Customers. However other parts are specific to Consumers only or to Business Users only.

There are indeed many sections of the t&c that apply to consumers or business customers only.

This part may be important:

8.16 Business Users are not automatically entitled to repair or … 8.16 Business Users are not automatically entitled to repair or replacement other than as described in a Service Description or as otherwise agreed by Dell. Dell shall have no liability or obligation for defects in Products or failure to remedy defects except as expressly provided under this Agreement.8.17 Except as expressly provided herein, no warranty, express or implied, as to the condition, quality, performance, merchantability, or durability of Products is given or assumed by Dell & all such warranties are hereby excluded.

[SIZE=2]You are entirely right, Emma. My only point was that a consumer is a consumer, whichever part of the Dell website he uses. It seems that whoever drafted Dell's T&Cs took the same view. Therefore, a consumer ordering from the business section of the website does indeed have all the consumer protections he would expect normally.[/SIZE]

'I got my throwaway dell a little while back. Works ok but don't ever consider it to be a proper PC'

Nice line, but what does it mean?

Are Dell unreliable - don't think so
Is support poor - seems OK to me
Do they use poor quality components - nope
Is their main product, barnstorming power PC's - no, but they've never claimed otherwise

So they sell cheap, reliable, mainstream computers, what's the problem??

I love brand snobs
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