50% off with this Voucher @ Healthspan

50% off with this Voucher @ Healthspan

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Enter LB-EDE at checkout for 50% off.

Valid until 31/12/17
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Anyone else had a bad experience with their Equine Health products? I could neigh stop using the loo. Didn't half give me the trots
It's a very good discount from a reputable supplier of health products - I don't think I've ever seen 50% off code from them.
My concern is:
The best items are showing as "out-of-stock" already?
I's slightly suspicious that they might have raised their prices prior to the 50% off offer?
Heat given anyway...
Used them for years with no trouble and I received a card the other day with a 50% off code

Then today via email I received another 50% off code both work so I'm guessing they can used as many times...

They had all I wanted in stock and the prices are same as in their catalogue so they didn't hike the prices.

Multivitamin gold, cod liver oil tablets for me.
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No longer working?
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