500 Extra Points when you spend £50 on groceries @ www.tesco.com

500 Extra Points when you spend £50 on groceries @ www.tesco.com


A quick question for anyone who knows how these things at tesco online work:

If i but lots of items which are bogof the total doesn't show the discount until later on when it gets delivered, but the offer shows if the original total is over £50 say. Does this mean I could effectively get all bogof for a total of say £51, get 500 points, but when it is delivered only effectively pay £25.5 + delivery? or does the delivered total have to be over £50 which could mean my initial total has to be over £100?


The answer is you only need to get the prices BEFORE discount to £50 to get your points. You could easily get a delivered price of below £50 and still get your points. Thats my experience anyway on the £75 version.

This says it has been used the maximum number of times when I try to use it.:-(
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