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59% Off Glasses with voucher Code @ Goggles4U eyewear super store

59% Off Glasses with voucher Code @ Goggles4U eyewear super store

Posted 31st Oct
Slightly better than my recent Deal post for 56% off - 59% off this time! (Though it bumps the price down much less than expected, see below). Mentioned in this email here

As mentioned previously, G4U state that the codes have a very limited lifespan, but often they last far longer, so I would probably disregard "tonight", though Hallowe'en doesn't last that long!

- Discount applicable on all home-branded frames
- Not applicable on Designer collection

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Using the frames I used as an example in my previous post...

£6.95 frames - Arctic Rectangle Eyeglasses 120926-c (in Black, Shiny-Green or Muted White)…tml
HALLOWEEN59 takes it to far less than SPECS56 for some reason (which came to £8.01 total). Obviously coatings, tints, varifocal prescriptions etc bump the price up a bit.

1.56 Standard Single Vision Lenses/No Coatings = Total £4.88 with code.38859148-mtxBv.jpg
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Damn thought this deal was for Ski / Snowboard goggles.
Need a good deal for my next pair but don't need glasses
Oh well
I got a pair of bi-focals for £42,I was surprised by the quality of the glasses,very good specs and comfortable.
If only they stocked ANY glasses in my size. Sigh 😞
New to buying glasses, coz my kid’s got just one. Any recommendations on vendors/vouchers/discounts for kids glasses? Apologies for off topic
Just checked - HALLOWEEN59 still works!
louiselouise02/11/2019 17:41

Just checked - HALLOWEEN59 still works!

Just knocked £100 off 2 pairs of progressive lenses glasses with the best coatings on them. V.happy.38887712-YOGiN.jpg
HALLOWEEN59 still works (G4U seem to delete your account if you don't use it after a while, so I had to create a new one again - I did have a UK account but the US site usually has better discounts - different logins/same stock).

Some new frames (I tend to go for quite wiggy ones, some may be a gamble if you don't know if they'll suit - prices stated are just for the frames, without lenses or discount codes)

Rectangle Eyeglasses 132207-c £24.95 (says "HEIRESS" on the temples)…tml
38921600-0LlLh.jpgRound Eyeglasses 116658-c £…tml
38921600-Hq0De.jpgCat Eye Eyeglasses 132198 £34.95 (bit pricey for their regular range, admittedly)…tml
38921600-iuAKQ.jpgRectangle Eyeglasses 118209 £…tml
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