6 DVD Rental trial + £5 Quidco @ MyMovieStream !

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Is it possible to get to this deal via quidco, as the deal link takes you to a sun promo site.

This company offers the worst customer service! Be warned!

Also be aware! When they have received back your 6th dvd they automatically make your account live and start charging you, even if you have no titles in your rental queue.

I also found that their library was quite small

I agree that their customer service is awful. I signed up for the 3 week trial with a free dvd about 3 months ago. The free DVD took 2.5 months to arrive, long after my free trial ended, and I had to contact them twice about it. Finally, having received this "free DVD" (ended up paying about £20 in subscription charges), I tried to cancel my account, only to be told that they had apparently sent me 2 titles which I never received, that I'd need to return before cancelling. I informed them that I had never received them, and they replied back asking me to send proof of postage. I just replied back yesterday asking them to provide me with proof that they had posted the DVDs to me, and am expecting them to just ignore it and try to charge me for the "missing" DVDs.
See the most annoying thing is, at least one of the titles they accuse me of having, I got fed up waiting for from them, so ended up getting it from Lovefilm.
Not entirely sure what to do here and I'm just wishing I'd never dealt with them at all.
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