6 Free DVD rentals + £5 Quidco cashback + £10 donation to charity !

Get code & visit siteVAL


sounds good. how good are these guys?

OK, not brilliant especially if you like TV series, but on the good side they don't seem to give new users preferencial treament over established customers unlike some others.

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Service is in par with most other sites

More on cashback from Quidco :-

£5 for each genuine new registration and trial sign up (which is not cancelled within the first 5 days of the trial)

£5 for each free trial registrar that goes on to become a paying member (additional to the first £5)

Is this related ins some way to "The lovefilm group of companies"?

The British Heart Foundation pours millions of pounds into animal experiments:


£10 to them? No, thanks.


Is this related ins some way to "The lovefilm group of companies"?

No.Absolutely not.
Well not yet anyway.:roll:

Man, I wish we could still neg rep people.
Looks like a good deal to me, thanks edi.

I dont really like things like this, always forget to cancel them and then you ae left with a bill. Good deal though so voted hot and added rep

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Like your signature kelly_o_fanatic :-D

Alternatively, you can get ten pounds for yourself, together with 5 free DVD rentals from this link:

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Thanks UncleMike

That offer has already been posted here. Most members would have used LoveFilm / ScreenSelect, if not, thats an excellent offer. Plus, Quidco too...


Like your signature kelly_o_fanatic :-D

thanks! Came from a thread someone started about me, want to be one of my groupies??? LOL

I've been a mymoviestream customer for 3 months (3month for 1month offer) and canceled yesterday. Top notch service even though they're not big as Lovefilm. Recommended highly!

If you're not feeling charitable and want a better dvd deal go for the offer that edi posted in a thread here:
This will give you 30 days unlimited rentals at MM.Plus quidco cashback of course.
That is if it hasn't expired.HTH.:)


Man, I wish we could still neg rep people. Looks like a good deal to me, … Man, I wish we could still neg rep people. Looks like a good deal to me, thanks edi.

Who would you like to neg rep and why.:?


No.Absolutely not.Well not yet anyway.:roll:

Thanks for the info. That's a green light for me then - cheers OP!

If you wish to cancel within the free trial period (3weeks) be sure to read the account cancellation information...main points here:

*If you have joined MyMovieStream on a Free Trial offer and wish to cancel during your Free Trial, you must do so before you return your final Trial disc(s) AND within a set number of weeks of joining, as specified when you start your Free Trial.

*When you make an Account Cancellation Request, your account will be suspended for a 7 day period pending the completion of the Account Closure.

*From the date of the Account Cancellation Request, you have a strict 7 day period to ensure the safe return of any outstanding rental disc(s) you may hold and, as soon as the Account Cancellation Request is received, you are fully liable for the cost of any outstanding rental discs (up to £30 per disc).

*For your own peace of mind and to protect us against theft/fraud, it is mandatory that you obtain a Certificate of Postage (which is available free of charge from the Post Office) when you return your final disc(s).

*In the event that any outstanding rental disc(s) are not safely received by MyMovieStream within the 7 day period, the Account Cancellation Request will be rejected, your account will remain active and your subscription will remain in force unless and until you successfully complete Account Closure.
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