60% off ZoneAlarm products with code + 25% Quidco

60% off ZoneAlarm products with code + 25% Quidco

Found 4th Dec 2010
My subscription was just about to expire, when i noticed this deal. If you use the code:


You will get 60% knocked off the price of the Zonealarm product. Please note that this discount is off the retail price, and not the discounted price they offer. Also note that the prices shown are pre vat, but you can still save a fortune. I have just purchased a 2 year subscription for Zonealarm Extreme Security, which had an original price of £76.34 inc vat, and payed only £30.53 inc vat. This works out at only just over £15 for a year!
On top of that of course, you can also get 25% cashback from Quidco. If all goes to plan you could get whatever product you choose for 85% off.
I have been with Zonealarm for a few years now, and must admit that there Firewall alone is worth the purchase, but the other extras are great too.
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I think their free firewall is perfectly adequate, I would never pay for a firewall / antivirus / antimalware program when there are plenty of free alternatives out there that will basically all do the same essential thing - protecting your computer.

Good deal if you are somebody who won't consider freeware, but it's arguably an unnecessary expense.
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